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Forum’s Tasks

  • Supervise all events, symposiums, workshops which are relevant to strengthening intellectual security in Islam.
  • Publishing pamphlets to raise awareness about promoting a culture of moderation and tolerance as well as opposing violence and its counter-violence.
  • Publishing an annual journal that corresponds with the events and activities of the forum.
  • Organizing training workshops that provide students with the required skills that help them comprehend the philosophy of intellectual security in Islam and its sound applications.  
  • Inviting prominent specialists in the areas of Shariah sciences and Islamic D'awah to give lectures on intellectual security at the college of Shari'ah and Islamic Studies. The Forum intends to communicate with specialists in Islamic Studies from Arab Universities to exchange the academic expertise on fighting intellectual extremism and to coordinate organizing collaborative activities.
  • Entering into collaboration agreements with UAE-based centers and forums of shared interest to take advantage of their experience in planning and strategy.​