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Objectives of the Forum

The forum is strategically designed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Enhance awareness among students and civil society groups about the aspects of intellectual security in Islam, promoting values of tolerance, peaceful coexistence, and balanced intellectual perspectives.
  2. Actively counteract extremist ideologies and support the moderate doctrines of Islam through various educational programs including seminars, lectures, and training workshops.
  3. Collaborate with governmental institutions and agencies to establish and reinforce intellectual security, embedding its authorized literature and principles.
  4. Leverage the academic expertise of Arab universities to confront intellectual extremism and develop effective strategies for this purpose.
  5. Uphold and disseminate the fundamental intellectual values of the United Arab Emirates, such as tolerance, moderation, and the rejection of violence and hatred.
  6. Support and facilitate student-led activities and research focused on intellectual security in Islam, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to manifest these security principles and their underlying values.

Through these efforts, the forum is set to significantly bolster the stature of the University of Sharjah as a hub of enlightenment and knowledge. It aligns with the United Arab Emirates' vision of enhancing intellectual security within the society, a key component of the nation's heritage and esteemed values. With divine guidance, the forum aspires to strike an optimal balance between the preservation of cultural and traditional values and the advancement in modern scientific and technological realms.​