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Message from Forum's Director

Security is a great blessing and a precious commodity, and intellectual security is a legal requirement, a religious necessity, and a safety valve without which life will not be stable. It is a fundamental pillar of the stability, prosperity, and strength of societies, and by achieving it, peaceful coexistence among its members is enhanced. 

Intellectual security is the fortified fortress and the impenetrable dam that protects nations and countries from the dangers of misguided, misleading, and destructive ideas, against extremism, and against all the challenges that threaten the security of countries, the stability of their people, and the sustainability of their development. By achieving intellectual security and establishing it in our minds, we will build strong, cohesive societies capable of confronting all thoughts of transgression and misguidance. 

Since intellectual security is related to protecting the nation from misleading ideas, extremism, and aims to guide groups and individuals towards a correct and balanced understanding of lofty values and a dignified, safe, and reassuring life; Intellectual security must be a reality experienced by the entire society. Allah Almighty said: “O believers! Enter into Islam wholeheartedly and do not follow Satan's footsteps. Surely, he is your sworn enemy." (Al-Baqarah: 208). 

Based on the University of Sharjah's keenness to provide everything that serves humanity by providing a pioneering scientific and educational environment that encourages critical thinking and scientific research, and the development of awareness and knowledge based on values and ethics, it has made intellectual security one of its most prominent priorities. It is due to this the university founded the Forum for Intellectual Security in Islam, which is based in the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies. 

This forum is the first of its kind at an internationally accredited university. This will enhance the university's position as a pioneering center in the scientific, educational, intellectual, research, and cultural aspects. 

 This forum will contribute to consolidation of the position of the University of Sharjah as a beacon of science and knowledge and achieving the vision of the United Arab Emirates in enhancing intellectual security in society. This is considered a fundamental pillar of the UAE's heritage and its sublime values. Thus, we will be able, with the help of Allah, to achieve a balance between preserving heritage, legal and cultural values, and modern scientific and technological development.