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Prof. Hassan M. El Rifai Academic RankProfessor


  • Comparative jurisprudence

Research Interests:

  • Islamic Economics, Transactional Law, Islamic Banking, Endowment and Zakah Policies.


PhD in Sharia and Islamic studies from Imam Ouzaii University - in 2001, with excellent distinction. (Comparative study between Sharia and law) - Master Degree in Sharia and Islamic studies from Imam Ouzaii University - in 1997, with Good Distinction. (Comparative study between Sharia and law) - Bachelor Degree in Sharia and Islamic studies from Tripoli University - in 1991, with Good Distinction. - Bachelor Degree in Islamic Business Administration from The Faculty of Islamic .business Administration - Imam Ouzaii University - in 1992, with Good Distinction.
Iwas lecturer in Sharjah University, faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies since the beginning of the academic year 2012-2013 till present: Major of Jurisprudence Principles: teaching the following subjects : Jurisprudence of Financial Transactions, Jurisprudence of Corporations, Modern Jurisprudence issues, Economic and Financial Systems in Islam, and Islamic Banks operations (For Bachelor degree) and the subjects of Corporations, shares, and effects (For Master degree). - Major of Sharia and Law: Iwas teaching the following subjects: Resources of the Obligations, Nominated Contracts, and Rules of evidences in Law comparing to the Islamic Jurisprudence.
1- The principles of Islamic banking" a worksheet that was presented to "the first Islamic banking jurisprudence forum" that was held by the Sharjah Islamic center for Islamic financial studies and researches in the university of Sharjah on 04-05/01/2016. 2- " Time exploitation between the impact of "personal Risk" and the affection of the Beneficiaries ". A research based on the Islamic Economy, accepted by the jury to be published in the Jordanian Magazine of Islamic Studies, of Al El Beit University in Jordan- 2014, Volume no: 14, Issue 4, January 2016. 3- “Economic Compassion” . A research published in the book "The work of the first international conference of mercy in Islam" held in the Department of Islamic Studies at the Faculty of Education at King Saud University- Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on 7-9/02/2016. 4- "Investment Contracts of Monetary Wakf, in the light of Wakf investment Financial Standards ". A research accepted by the jury to be published in the Magazine of the Faculty of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, issue of 2015. 5- Economic time: its properties and its investment requirements according to the Islamic economic perspective. A research accepted to be published in Al Sirat magazine issued by the faculty of Islamic sciences- university of Algeria, issue No: 30, February 2015. 6- Standards of the Wakf investment on the light of the Islamic Studies, theoretical Introduction. A research accepted by the jury to be published in the Magazine of the Faculty of Islamic Studies in 2014 of Kuwait University, issue no 101 of June 2015. 7- Development of the financial transaction Jurisprudence according to the contemporary news. A research accepted by the jury to be published in the Magazine of the Islamic Studies University In 2014 , Ghazza , in Volume no: 1, issue no 1 of June 2015. 8- The flexibility of the contracts of jurisprudence financial transactions; models of Islamic banking formats, a research accepted to be published in the sharia and law magazine of the faculty of sharia and law at Al Azhar university- Cairo, Egypt, on 21/04/2015. 9- Wakf of production tools, a research submitted to the seventh forum of ‘ issues of fikh of wakf’ hosted by studies department and foreign relations in the secretariat of the Awkaf- Kuwait in cooperation with the Islamic Development Bank and the Islamic and elmachyakah in Sarajevo (the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina), May 2015. 10- The country forcing crafts and liberal professions workers to work according to the Islamic economic perspective, a research accepted to be published in the magazine of Islamic sciences, the University of Bagdad, Iraq, issue No: 42 of 30/06/2015. 11- Labor strike in the Islamic economy. A research accepted to be published in the magazine issued by Qatar University the faculty of sharia and Islamic studies. Vol. no 32, issue no: 1 of spring 2014. 12- Investment of the money of Wakf funds between risks impact and banks affection. A paper accepted by the jury and presented in the second international conference of Dubai:" best practices and experiences in Wakf banks" held on 22-23/4/2012 under the supervision of Dubai Wakf establishment.
Supervisor and Examiner of many Master and PhD Thesis in Sharia and Islamic Studies , and Business Administration (department of Islamic Economy, Banks and finance) in the field of General Transaction, Modern Financial Transaction especially the in Islamic Economy, Islamic Banks, and Islamic Finance .
- Secretary of the administrative Board in the department of Jurisprudence and its principles, Faculty of Sharia, Sharjah University, during the academic year 2013-2014 - Coordinator of the Exam committee in the Faculty of Sharia, Sharjah University, during the academic year: 2013-2014 - Member of the following committees: Committee of the academic Guidance, Committee of Media and publications, Committee of culture, conferences and seminars , committee of Sharia and Law program, committee of Islamic economy and its branches during the academic year -2013-2014. - Member of the Scientific Committee in the conference of Nutrition and Medicines on the light of Islamic Jurisprudence held on 16-17/04/2014 , in the faculty of Sharia, and Islamic Studies , Sharjah University. - Member of the Scientific committee of the Islamic Finance conference: Creative tools, Problematic of application and challenges in the future, will be held on 5--6/11/2014. - Preparation of two seminars organized by the university in the field of developing the academic capacity of the teaching Stuff during the academic year 2013-2014 titled: Compatibility of programs and the Emirate competencies, and organizing test in conformity with the outcomes. - Member of the scientific committee of Hawliat magazine, in the Faculty of Commercial and Economic Sciences and Facilities Sciences, the Bachar University, Algeria, since May 2014 till present. - Participation in the Jury of Many Researches. - Head of the Direction of Researches and Studies in Wakf Beit El Zakat & El Khayrat , in Tripoli Lebanon during the years 2011-2012. Many seminars have been organized for the stuff concerning the Zakat accounting and many other administrative issues in Charity. - Member of the Scientific Board of the Faculty of Islamic Business Administration of Imam Ouzaii University for Islamic Studies, from 2008-2009 till 2010-2011 - Member of the consultative committee of Jinan Magazine in Jinan University – Tripoli – Lebanon since its publication in 2011-2012 till present.
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