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Department Overview

In line with the general objectives of University of Sharjah, and in addition to the objectives of the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies, our mission involves building an Islamic personality that specializes in the deep understanding of Islam on the basis of the Holy Quran and the Sunna. Our specialized faculty members are dedicated to providing students with this knowledge.


The Principles of Jurisprudence Program aims at:

1- Building an Islamic personality specialized in deep understanding of Islam and Islamic Sharia

2- Preparing distinguished experts in jurisprudence and its principles; these professionals also have deep understanding of the present day culture and important cultural elements that should be taken into consideration.

3- Providing Islamic society and the labor market with much needed experts in teaching, legislation, justice, and scientific research.

4- Preparing talented elite for master's degrees in Principles of Jurisprudence so that they conduct further scientific research in the field and support researchers and faculty.


After completing this program, the student will be able to:

1- Define legal concepts and vocabulary

2- Define the comprehensiveness and completeness of Islam

3- Draw connections between the Holy Quran and the Sunna

4- Define principles of jurisprudence

5- Evaluate political and international systems in light of the Islamic system

6- Deal with cases based on Sharia law, elicitation, and interpretation

7- Compare and contrast between Sharia and the law

8- Teach, advocate and issue fatwas

9- Prepare comparative scientific research studies in Sharia

10- Qualify for a master's degree

11- Adhere to Sharia rules and Islamic values

12- Become a role model for others

13- Promote pride in his/her religion and loyalty to his/her country