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Chair's Welcome

Praise be to Allah. May Muhammad, the last of God’s prophets and messengers, his kin and companions receive Allah’s blessings and mercy until the Day of Judgment.
The Department of Islamic Jurisprudence and its Foundations aspires to rise to the challenges of modern times and keep pace with current developments. We strive to equip our graduates with the knowledge and scientific skills, especially of Sharia, so that they are able to guide others to the  righteous path while understanding the realities of the Muslim nation, looking confidently to the future and inviting their fellow men and women to the path of God with knowledge and wisdom.

 Therefore, the department spares no effort to promote the educational and academic standards of both its faculty and students. Furthermore, it attempts to improve its administration to better accommodate its staff so that they can develop professionally.
​​We hope that you, dear students, will fulfil your needs and enhance your knowledge and interests by joining the department and the college. We hope that you will utilize the opportunities ​provided to you through the various  activities organized by student associations in the college and  University and use this vibrant academic environment to enrich your experiences and increase  your capabilities. We are pleased to communicate with you to help you achieve what your aspirations. May Allah guide you to what pleases Him.
Prof.  Mohammad alemoush
CHAIR Department of Jurisprudence and its Foundations