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Based on my experience in studying a doctorate in the philosophy of jurisprudence and its foundations in the Department of Jurisprudence and its Fundamentals at the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies at the University of Sharjah, I am pleased to extend my sincere thanks, appreciation, and great gratitude to the Department of Jurisprudence and its Fundamentals, and to all those in charge of it and those working in it; To provide the necessary assistance to postgraduate students, to guide them well in the service of research and study, and to follow up on us throughout the study period, hoping from the Almighty God to reward them on our behalf, and to make this in the balance of their good deeds.
Abdul Rahman Ibrahim Abu Radwan
Based on my experience in studying a master’s and doctorate in the Department of Jurisprudence and its Fundamentals at the University of Sharjah, I am pleased to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the Department of Jurisprudence and its Principles and its staff, for providing the necessary assistance to the graduate student, and for his good guidance in serving the research and study, and his follow-up during the preparation period of the research. The department is a good helper for me to complete the study, and it has created an attractive environment for me in all stages of the study, and this was not the only one.
Muhammed Hussain Al Ahmad
“It was a great honor to graduate from the candle of science, University of Sharjah. The honor is doubled that we were educated under consideration of the best scholars who are universally acknowledged in the field of their expertise. We ask every success to His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah, for his interest in knowledge and his endless efforts to avail the needs of students and satisfy their eagerness for knowledge. We also thank those in charge in Department of Islamic Jurisprudence at the Faculty of Sharia on their painstaking efforts in drawing the map to distinction. May Allah guide them to do good and weigh their balance in the day of judgement. We hope this department remains flourished and the chain of its knowledge stays uninterrupted forever”.
Hisham Al-Zahrani
Manager, Dar Al-Birr Association
Class of 2015
I am privilege enough to study in the department of Fiqh & Usul Fiqh in the college of Shariah at the university of Sharjah. I was even blessed and lucky that the college granted me wonderful professors and supervisors to teach and guide me properly and accordingly. To them I say, "Thank you all and may Allah bless you and reward you with the best".
Class of 2017
University of Sharjah has realized massive and substantial achievements during last few years. Therefore, it was able to build its own wonderful reputation in all fields of sciences and human knowledge generally and Islamic studies in particular. Yet, I am one of the fortunate ones to study their both BA and MA levels at the university of Sharjah. Thanks Allah to that, and I do appreciate efforts of all professors and staff at the university.
Habibah yousef
Class of 2017