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Prof.Nayal Abu Zaid Academic RankProfessor


  • Exegesis & Quran sciences

Research Interests:

  • 1-Exegesis 2-Quran sciences 3- Quran Rhetoric Inimitability 4-Analytical Exegesis


1981 -1986: High School Certificate – Science Stream, Sahab High School, Jordan. -Bachelor degree in Da’wah and Principles of the Religion, Islamic University in Almadina Almunawara June 1991: Master’s degree in Interpretation and Qur'anic Science, University of Jordan Thesis title: Social Perspective from the Holy Quran Perspective Oct. 1994 : Ph. D. degree in Interpretation and Qur'anic Science, College of Theology ,Dissertation title: Security in Quran Intellectually, Politically and Economically.
Jan. 2015 to Present-Professor in the College of Shariah and Theology, University of Sharjah. Sept. 2013-Spent the sabbatical year at the University of Islamic Sciences. 2009 – 2010 Spent the sabbatical year at the University of Jordan, Jordan.
-Advanced Studies in Miracles in the Holy chart / Arab Emirates / Dubai / 2016 Award. Security in Rehab Koran Intellectually, Politically and Economically,a book under copyright The anniversary of the library and printing press Jordan / Karak 2013 / Islam and Contemporary Issues, in Association with Others Refereed Curriculum for Students / Deanship ofScientific Research / Al al-Bayt University / 2013, "the third section and media controls legitimacy and its obstacles. Of S280-318. Reviews in Quranic Miracles / Dar Ram / Karak / Jordan date of publication / 2012
Words of Dispute and Differences and Their Implications in the Koran / accepted for publication in the Journal of Mutah for Research and Studies / Jordan / 06.06.2016 Extremism and Its Impact on Security from the Perspective of Quran and Sunnah / magazine publication cop thought perspective, Vol. 25 No. 98/2016 m Centrism Is an Internal Need and Human Necessity Qoranic Study, Jordan Journal of Islamic Studies / Al al-Bayt University / Jordan / accepted for publication / 11.28.2015. Disagreements Among Nations Causes and Treatment Study in Rehab Koran" 10/09/2015 Accepted for publication, Shafi'i research center, the Islamic University of Sultan Sharif Ali Magazine / Sultanate of Brunei Darussalam, published in the second issue in 2015. Guiding the Clients of the Conduct Institutions from the Quran and Sunnah Perspective / Jordan Journal of Islamic Studies / University of Al al-Bayt / Fourth Issue Volume IX / published December 2013 Perspective. Media, Its Properties, Its Objectives, Its Effects, Its Controls from a Legitimate Perspective / Mutah Journal for Research and Studies perspective 24 folder number 3 published 2009.
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