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College Overview


Leading college in the field of Islamic sciences at the level of golf countries and the Arab and the Muslim world featured with excellent academic programs based on moderation.

The college of Shariah stands on instilling values of education and learning, research and community services, manifested in: academic excellence, scientific research while observing property rights, social and moral responsibilities, and making students the core point of educational process, invention, creativity and innovation in both practical and professional levels, and paying much attention to cultural dimension. In addition to establishing practical leadership demonstrating rule model, and flexible communication, transparency and accountability.

The College works to:
1. To create a Muslim personality characterized by deep understanding of Islamic Shari’a, based on the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah. 
2. To prepare specialists in the different branches of Shari’a, such as Qur’an, Sunnah, Islamic Jurisprudence, Doctrine, and Islamic call. 
3. To provide graduates with good academic qualifications to meet the needs of the U.A.E., the Emirate of Sharjah, and contemporary Islamic society in the fields of teaching, propagation of faith, revitalizing tradition, and academic research. 
4. To prepare students to pursue careers in courts as judges, in Ministries of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, Khatibs and teachers in Mosques. 
5. To prepare students for graduate studies in various specializations in the field of Shari’a. 
6. To cooperate with other universities and educational institutions locally and internationally.​​