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Award Stages

The award goes through the following stages:

First: Choosing the theme of the year by the award committee members at the college.

Second: Announcing the award and receiving nominations.

Third: Sending the nominations to experts, receiving their reports, and presenting them to the award committee members to choose the winning nominee. The award may be granted jointly between two researchers, and may be withheld for scientific reasons. The decision of the award committee is final.

Fourth: Announcing the winner of the award in November at a ceremony held at the University of Sharjah, under the patronage of the Chancellor.

Participation Conditions in the Award

  • The research must be within the theme of the award.
  • The research must be original in its subject, peer-reviewed in its methodology, and make a significant knowledge contribution.
  • The nominee should have a record of research papers published in reputable academic journals that meet the standards of the University of Sharjah 
  • Research that is nominated must not have won an award in the past. 
  • The candidate must submit a detailed CV and an official application for the award 
  • The deadline for receiving the nominated research should be met 
  • Published books, dissertations and articles are not acceptable. ​