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List of Publications 2019-2020

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1Effect of Lidocaine Iontophoresis Combined with Exercise Intervention on Gait and Spasticity in Children with Spastic Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy: A randomized Controlled Trial. Accepted in NeuroRehabilitaion Journal, June 2020.Research Papers

Validity and diagnostic accuracy of foot posture Index-6 using radiographic findings as the gold standard to determine paediatric flexible flatfoot between ages of 6–18 years: A cross-sectional study(2020) Musculoskeletal Science and Practice, 46, art. no. 102107.


Research Papers

Improving Planter Pressure Distribution Could Reduce the Risk of Fall in Patients with Diabetic Neuropathy. (2020) J Neurol Exp Neurosci 6(1):1-7.


Research Papers

Sensitivity and specificity of normalized truncated navicular height in assessment of static foot posture in children aged 6-12 years (2019) Hong Kong Physiotherapy Journal, 39 (1), pp. 15-23.


Research Papers
5Does improvement towards a normal cervical sagittal configuration aid in the management of cervical myofascial pain syndrome: a 1-year randomized controlled trial. BMC musculoskeletal disorders 19 (1), 396, 2019.Research Papers
6"Can the Stroke Impact scale 3.0 detect cognitive impairments in patients with a recent stroke?" (2019)  J. Phys. Ther. Sci. 31: 563–568.Research Papers
7The effect of short-term conservative physical therapy versus occlusive splinting on pain and range of motion in cases of myogenic temporomandibular joint dysfunction: journal of orthopaedic & sports physical 49 (1)2019.Research Papers
8Does forward head posture correction affect pressure pain thresholds, neuroplastic changes, and autonomic nervous system function in patients with chronic nonspecific neck pain? Journal of orthopaedic & sports physical 49 (1) 2019.Research Papers
9Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Cerebral Palsy, 3rd Madinah International Conference for Medical Rehabilitation Updates", 29-31 October 2019, Madinah, Saudi Arabia. 

Conference research presentation:



Kinematic characteristics of reaching in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy: A Comparative study3rd Madinah International Conference for Medical Rehabilitation Updates", 29-31 October 2019, Madinah, Saudi Arabia. 


Conference research presentation:
11Kulkarni MS, Alaparthi GK, Krishnan S,  R. Anand, Vishak C .Reference values for the six-minute peg board and ring test – across sectional study Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine vol 15 , 2020Journal
12Sreedevi U, Alaparthi GK, Krishnan S, Bairapareddy, K.  R. Anand, Vishak C.  Normative Values for Londrina ADL Protocol in Healthy Individuals in Age Group of 40-60 Years among Indian Population Canadian Respiratory Journal ID: 8612928 2020Journal

chari, S.,Alaparthi, GK, Krishnan S., prabhakar, A., Bairapareddy, K. Phase-I cardiac rehabilitation practices among physiotherapists in INDIA - A survey. Bangladesh Journal of Medical Science vol 19 2020








Shetty S, Alaparthi GK , Krishnan S., prabhakar, A., Bairapareddy, K. Comparison of head-down tilt versus flat position on mucus clearance and respiratory mechanics in mechanically ventilated patients: A randomized crossover trail Critical reviews in physical and rehabilitation medicine VOL 32, 2020Journal



Sridevi; Bairapareddy, K C; Rao, B K; Maiya, A G.; Alaparthi G K; Nayak, K, Association of epicardial adipose tissue thickness with resting and post- exercise cardiac output in overweight and obese individuals Indian Journal of Public health Research and Development VOL 11 ,2020Journal
16Bairapareddy KC, Rao BK, Maiya AG, Alaparthi GK, Nayak K. Association of Epicardial Adipose Tissue Thickness with Resting and Post-Exercise Cardiac Output in Overweight and Obese Individuals. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development. 2020 Jan 1;11(1)Journal
17Long-term effect of high-intensity laser therapy in the treatment of patients with chronic low back pain: a randomized blinded placebo-controlled trial. Journal
18Letter to the editor concerning a systematic review on Clinometric properties of sacroiliac joint mobility tests by Klerx et al. (2019). Journal
19Reduction Of Posture Hyperkyphosis Improves Short-And Long-Term Outcomes In Patients With Neck PainConference

1) Is forward head posture relevant to autonomic nervous system function and cervical sensorimotor control? Cross sectional study

IM Moustafa, A Youssef, A Ahbouch, M Tamim, DE Harrison

Gait & Posture 77, 29-35 2020 (Q1 journal)


 Journal Q1

The Relationship Between Forward Head Posture and Neck Pain: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

NF Mahmoud, KA Hassan, SF Abdelmajeed, IM Moustafa, AG Silva

Current reviews in musculoskeletal medicine 12 (4), 562-577 2019 (Q1 journal)


Journal Q1

Addition of a new three-dimensional adjustable cervical thoracic orthosis to a multi-modal program in the treatment of nonspecific neck pain: study protocol for a randomised …

ASA Youssef, N Xia, STE Emara, IM Moustafa, X Huang

Trials 20 (1), 1-12 2019 (Q1 journal)


Journal Q1

Demonstration of autonomic nervous function and cervical sensorimotor control after Cervical Lordosis Rehabilitation: A randomized-controlled trial," has been accepted for Journal of Athletic Training. 2020

Accepted for publication (Q1 journal)


Journal Q1

Restoring lumbar lordosis: A systematic review of controlled trials utilizing Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP®) non-surgical approach to increasing lumbar lordosis in the treatment of low back disorders"

The Journal of Physical Therapy Science. 2020 Accepted for publication Q3


Journal Q3

The Effect Of Short-Term Conservative Physical Therapy Versus Occlusive Splinting On Pain And Range Of Motion In Cases Of Myogenic Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction: A Randomized Control Trial

T Shousha, I Moustafa, F Hegazy

journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical 49 (1) 2019

Journal Q1




Does Forward Head Posture Correction Affect Pressure Pain Thresholds, Neuroplastic Changes, And Autonomic Nervous System Function In Patients With Chronic Nonspecific Neck Pain …

I Moustafa, F Hegazy, T Shousha, E Aboelnasr

journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical 49 (1) 2019

Journal Q1




I Moustafa, L Walton, V Raigangar, T Shousha, D Harrison

journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical 50 (1) 2020

Journal Q1



The effect of normalizing the sagittal cervical configuration for the management of cervicogenic headaches: a 2-year pilot randomized controlled trial

IM Moustafa, AA Diab, DE Harrison

Proceedings of the 15th World Federation of Chiropractic Biennial Congress … 5 2019

Conference paper
29Electrophysiological Investigation of Central, Peripheral and Autonomic Nervous System Functions after Cervical Lordosis Rehabilitation in Asymptomatic Subjects - A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial 7th Biennial Emirates Physiotherapy Virtual Conference "Physio UAE 2020 Conference paper
30Paul Okaley, Ibrahim Moustafa ,deed Harrison .restoration of cervical and lumbar lordosis :CBP methods overview in Spinal deformities in adolescent, adult and older adults .Intech open 2019 book
31The effect of High frequency repetitive peripheral magnetic stimulation combined with Bobath therapy in gait functions of the female patients with Multiple sclerosis Dr. Meyoung kimJournal

Arumugam A, Markström JL, Häger CK. (2020). Arumugam, A., Markström, J. L., & Häger, C. K. (2019). A novel test reliably captures hip and knee kinematics and kinetics during unanticipated/anticipated diagonal hops in individuals with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Journal of biomechanics, 99, 109480.

(Impact factor – 2.431; SJR Scimago Rank: Quartile 1 (Biomed); H Index: 190)

Quartile 1 (Biomed); H Index: 190
33Arumugam A, Mehta P, Shousha T, Chandrasekaran B (2020). A letter to the editor concerning a systematic review on clinimetric properties of sacroiliac joint mobility tests by Klerx et al. (2019). Musculoskeletal Science and Practice; Accepted. (Impact factor – 2.431; SJR Scimago Rank: Quartile 2 (Physical Therapy, Sports Therapy and Rehab); H Index: 84)Quartile 2 (Physical Therapy, Sports Therapy and Rehab); H Index: 84)

Sardesai S, Arumugam A, Durairaj S, Guddattu V, Solomon MJ, Gorthi SP, Senthil Kumaran D (2020). Performance of prediction models or predictors targeting neurophysiological neuroimaging and biomechanical outcomes for prognosticating upper extremity motor recovery following stroke - A systematic review protocol. Physical Therapy Reviews, Accepted.  

(SJR Scimago Rank: Quartile 3 (Ortho & Sports Med); H Index:32)

Quartile 3 (Ortho & Sports Med); H Index:32

Arumugam A, Mehta P, Baxter GD (2020). Double-blind peer review of manuscripts: opportunities, challenges, and way forward. Physical Therapy Reviews, 25:1-6.

(SJR Scimago Rank: Quartile 3 (Ortho & Sports Med); H Index:32)

Quartile 3 (Ortho & Sports Med); H Index:32
36Zongpa TC, Chandrasekaran B, Arumugam A (2020). Effectiveness of a smartphone directed physical activity program on cardiometabolic disease risk in desk-based office employees – A pragmatic, two-arm, parallel, cluster randomised trial. Muscle, Ligaments and Tendons Journal, Accepted. (SJR Scimago Rank: Quartile 2 (Ortho & Sports Med); H Index:32)Quartile 2 (Ortho & Sports Med); H Index:32
37KMA Hossain, LM Walton, SMY Arafat, N Maybee, RH Sarker, S Ahmed, et al (2020).  Expulsion from the Motherland:  Association between Depression & Health-Related Quality of Life for Ethnic Rohingya Living with Refugee Status in Bangladesh.  Clinical Practice and Epidemiology in Mental Health:  CP & EMH, 16: 46.Reaserch Paper
38Hossain MA, Hossain KM, Walton LM, Uddin Z, Kabir MOH MD, et al (2020).  Knowledge, Attitudes and Fear of COVID-19 During the Rapid Rise Period in Bangladesh.  (Accepted Pre-print).  Journal of Health Psychology.  Doi:
39Bitar D, Walton LM, et al (2020).  (Accepted pending final publication) Differences in dual task paradigms and executive function ability for recreational athletes living in United Arab Emirates.  Journal of Physiotherapy Science.Journal
40Walton LM, Raigangar V, Abraham MS, Buddy C, Hernandez M, Krivak G, & Caceras R (2019).  Effects of an 8-week pelvic core stability and nutrition community programme on maternal health outcomes.  Physiotherapy Research International.  24(4); 1780.Research Paper
41Bani-Issa W, Dennis, CL, Brown HK, Walton LM, et al.  The Influence of Parents and Schools on Adolescents' Perceived Diet and Exercise Self-Efficacy:  A School-Based Sample from the United Arab Emirates.  Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 1043659619876686.Journal
42Walton LM (2019).  The Effects of 'Bias Based Bullying' (BBB) on Health, Education, and Cognitive-Social-Emotional Outcomes in Children with Minority Backgrounds:  Proposed Comprehensive Public Health Intervention Solutions.  Journal of Immigrant and Minority Public Health. 20, 492-496.Journal


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