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I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Department of Physiotherapy at the University of Sharjah for their significant role in introducing me to the field of physiotherapy. The continued support and guidance provided during my bachelor's studies greatly influenced my journey in physiotherapy, offering invaluable opportunities for learning and growth within a short period. I am also grateful for the department's support in allowing me to continue my master's studies and for offering me a position as a research assistant. This opportunity further enhances my experience and contributes to my professional development. Thank you for your ongoing support and belief in my potential.
Taif Omran
Batch of 2022/2023
I want to express my sincere gratitude to this university for the incredible opportunities it has given me from the moment I set foot on this campus as a student to the present day as research assistant and postgraduate student. I have been supported, challenged, and encouraged to reach new heights throughout my journey here. The various practical experiences we got, along with having the opportunity to reach different workshops and attend lectures with unique speakers during our time as students had enriched my physio pathway. I would thank our department for shaping me into the person I'm today and for empowering me to leaving such a positive impact in our field. Shima Mohammad Zadeh Batch of 2021/2022
Shima Mohammad Zadeh
“My journey as a student at University of Sharjah has been extremely gratifying. The challenges were there especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, but our professors and tutors were always there to support and motivate us. During the course of study, my passion and interest in Physiotherapy has piqued and I am currently working on my master's thesis back at UOS, that I am proud to call my second home. I have joined the department as a Teaching Assistant, for which I am really grateful. I truly believe this is one of the best places to grow and learn."
Zaina Zahur
"Studying Physiotherapy here at the University of Sharjah truly changed my life for the better. Our clinical practice experience was very fulfilling as we learn practically and get a lot of hands-on training. Through this, I have rekindled my love for football, and recently joined Al Nasr Sports Club in Dubai, as a Sports PT. I am thankful for the opportunities provided to us by the UOS Physiotherapy department that is always supporting and encouraging us to face challenges."
Mohammad Nayel Aqil Khan
Al Nasr Sports Club in Dubai
"The Physiotherapy Master's program has allowed me to explore and learn with a new approach a more advanced field from my undergrad. The wide variety of classes and knowledgeable faculty makes studying in a new discipline interesting, informative, challenging and rewarding. The availability of distance learning classes and the support that I have received throughout the program allowed me to balance my responsibilities at work at Emirates Health Services Establishment, and at school, making my time at University of Sharjah a wonderful experience." I currently work as physiotherapist in Emirates Health Services Establishment.
Mouza Jamal Lootah,
Emirates Health Services Establishment
Physiotherapy was the path of hope for me. It helped me to catch my dreams and to be part of community that doesn’t know the impossible . it is great major where you helped others to become better, healthier, and independent. It was a great experience in the university of Sharjah, where you will have the chance to practice at the same time while you are studying which helps in improving your skills. Never underestimate your power in changing one’s life from being on wheelchair to walking independently from pain to minimal or no pain, from crawling baby to a running toddler, and from being gasping for air to breathing normally. This is the magic of physiotherapy. Hand in Hand with other medical specialties can help patients to be better.
Aisha Alsuwaidi
Old People Home Sharjah
Class June-2018
I graduated from University of Sharjah in 2018. It was very beneficial to learn from highly experienced doctors, which increase my love to physiotherapy even more. Studying for physiotherapist was as beautiful as it was demanding. I was part of a team that did research on prevalence of pelvic and low back pain and impact on HRQOL for postpartum women in UAE: by birth mode. Our group was invited to USA to present our work at CHM on January 2019. Doing internship in Alqassimi hospital convinced me that this is who I am. This is what I want to do, this is my call inshaAllah.
Zainab Abdulqayyum
Class June-2018
I’m a class of 2015 graduate from the department of Physiotherapy at the University of Sharjah. The roads that lead to my graduation were difficult but extremely rewarding. I’m proud to have joined the Physiotherapy department team as a clinical tutor after my graduation. Choosing this path helped me set up my life faster than I had hoped for and I’m extremely thankful for the choices I made. With the support of the all the people I met during my journey at the University of Sharjah I managed to gain the confidence and the experience to have a good start to my career.
May Tamim Mohammed
University of Sharjah
Graduate of 2015
I am happy that God planned for me to study physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is one specialty from college of health since. I was interested to study it, because it was not popular in that time. Most of people have no idea what physiotherapy mean. What is interesting about physiotherapy is that you can study different specialties at the same time. We studied orthopedic, neurology, women health, pediatric, pharmacology, management, cardiorespiratory. Also we had great time while doing clinical practice in many Government Hospitals in UAE. I gave us great chance to help us to choose where to work in the future. In addition we had the chance to see good number of causes during our practice. The clinical practice give us good experience in how to deal with patients, also it taught us how to be confident enough to deal with different causes. Studying in University of Sharjah, in College of health since give us good time , especially the facility team was so encouraging and supporting . The education team was so friendly, we get nice time while studying there. I advise locals to study physiotherapy, because still the number of local who works in this specialty in UAE is low. As we are old graduate we are always available to give support to students who study physiotherapy.
Hessa Nasir AL Ali ​
I chose to study Physiotherapy because I had an interest to study and work at the medical field. At the beginning, I wasn't aware enough about this profession, but as the time passed I became familiar and was enjoying and doing very well in my study. I was very comfortable with the faculty, they were so helpful up-to-date, kind and really take care of each and every student in our batch. The courses and study material fulfilled what is required in the market. May 2010 was my best day ever it was my graduation when I gained the harvest of the 4 years of hard working. After 8 months I was in my new career. It's now 4 years since I joined Al Baraha hospital and I am comfortable, excellent and representing my University in the work well. I am planning to do my post graduate study as soon as possible.
Eman Abdulrahim Al Janahi
Simply, This was the most exciting and pleasant experience of my life. I enjoyed studying the physiotherapy major in well-structured program with knowledgeable & experienced faculty members. The program included the theoretical as well as the practical part to enhance our knowledge and understanding. The university atmosphere was friendly, supportive and encouraging to learn more beyond the scope. This experience made me confident and well prepared for the career life after graduation. "It was way over my expectations and thank you all for making it real"
Hamda Khalifa Hassan Saeed Bin Surour AlKetbi