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Prof.Wegdan Bani issa Academic RankProfessor


  • Adult Health Nursing/Nursing education

Research Interests:

  • Diabetes in adults, community health, women health, innovative teaching strategies


Doctoral of Nursing Sciences, University of Kansas Medical Center, USA Masters of Nursing Sciences, University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada Bachelor of Nursing Sciences, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan
Assistant professor at College of Health Sciences/University of Sharjah (2008-present) Acting Chair of the Nursing Department, College of Health Sciences/University of Sharjah August 2012-August 2013. Assistant Dean at the College of Health Sciences/University of Sharjah (Feb 2015-August2017) Chair of the Nursing Department, College of Health Sciences/University of Sharjah (August 2018-Present)
• Consultant at the United Arab Emirates nursing and midwifery council • Chair of accreditation committee at the college of Health Sciences • Members of institutional effectiveness and academic accreditation unit, University of Sharjah
• Member of the American Diabetes Educator • Sigma Theta Tau honor Society of Nursing International • Member at Jordanian Nursing and midwifery council.
• The relationship between sleep quality, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and Quality of life among adult population • Vitamin D, depression and diabetes • Incontinence among women in diabetes • Quality of life in nursing home residents • Obesity in adolescents • Electronic health records in education
• Bani issa, W…, et al. (2021). Post-traumatic stress disorder in frontline nurses. International Nursing Review. (In press) • Rahman, H. A., Issa, W. B., & Naing, L. (2021). Psychometric properties of brief-COPE inventory among nurses. BMC nursing, 20(1), 1-7. • Rahman, H. A., Issa, W. B., Rababa, M., Idris, D. R., Abdul-Mumin, K. H., & Naing, L. (2021). The elderly caregiver questionnaire for COVID-19 (ECQC-24). Working with Older People. DOI:10.1108/WWOP-09-2020-0050 • Bani issa, W, Hussam Al-nusair, Al Tamimi, A, Hatahet, D., Diab, S., Fakhry R, Saqan R, Ahmad, S. Almazem. (2021). Self-Report Assessment of Nurses’ Risk for Infection After Exposure to Patients With Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in the United Arab Emirates. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, • Al Rababah, M., Odai, Hayajneh., Bani issa, W. (2021) Association of death anxiety and religious coping in older adults during COVID-19 Pandemic. Journal of Religion and Health • Bani issa, W., Al Shujairi, A., Patrick, L. (2017) "Association between quality of sleep and health-related quality of life in persons with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2." Journal of Clinical Nursing. • Al Momani, F., & Bani issa, W. (2017). The incidence of depression among residents of assisted living: prevalence and related risk factors. Clinical intervention in aging, 12, 1645-1653. • Almomani, F. M., & Bani‐issa, W. (2017). Physical, mental and cognitive disabilities in relation to utilization of dental care services by nursing home residents. Special Care in Dentistry, 37(3), 126-133. • Bani-issa, W., Eldeirawi, K., Harfil, S., & Fakhry, R. (2017). Vitamin D Deficiency and Its Determinants in Adults: A Sample from Community-Based Settings in the United Arab Emirates. International journal of endocrinology, 2017. • Bani‐issa, Wegdan, et al. "Satisfaction of health‐care providers with electronic health records and perceived barriers to its implementation in the United Arab Emirates." International Journal of Nursing Practice 2, 4 (2016): 408-416. • Al-Yateem, Nabeel S., Wegdan Bani Issa, and Rachel Rossiter. "Childhood Stress in Healthcare Settings: Awareness and Suggested Interventions."Issues in comprehensive pediatric nursing 38.2 (2015): 136-153. • Bani-issa, W., El deirawi, K., & Al tawil, H. (2015). Perspectives on the attitudes of healthcare providers toward diabetes at community based settings in the United Arab Emirates. Journal of Diabetes Mellitus. 5, 1-11 • Bani-issa, W., Rempusheski, V. (2014). Congruency between teaching beliefs and an electronic health records teaching strategy. Journal Nurse Education Today 34 (2014) 906–911. • Bani-issa, W., Al momani F., Eldeirawi, K. (2013). Urinary incontinence among adult women with diabetes in Jordan: epidemiology, correlates and perceived impact on emotional and social well-being. Journal of clinical nursing, Sep, doi: 10.1111/jocn.12392. • Kennedy, D., Sylvia, E., Bani-Issa, W. & Khater, W. (2005). Beyond the rhythm and routine: Adjusting to a life in assisted living. Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 31, 17-23. • Al momani, F., McDowd, J., Bani-issa, W., Al momani, M. (2014). Health-Related quality of life and physical, mental and cognitive disabilities nursing home residents in Jordan. Quality of Life Research. Quality of Life Research. 23(1):155-65. doi: 10.1007/s11136-013-0461-2. • Bani-issa, W., Fakhry, R., Al momani. (2013). Urinary incontinence in Emirati women with diabetes mellitus type 2: prevalence, risk factors and impact on life. Journal of Clinical Nursing 22(21-22):3084-94. doi: 10.1111/jocn.12176. • Bani-issa, W., Halabi, J., Abdullah, A., Hasan, H., Raigangar, V. (2013). Urinary incontinence in Emirati women with diabetes: prevalence and risk factors. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 25(1):42-50. doi: 10.1177/1043659613503873. • Bani-issa, W. (2011). Health related quality of Life among people with diabetes in the United Arab Emirates. WHO-Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal 17 (11), 825-830 • Abdullah, A., Hasan, H., Raigangar, V. and Bani-Issa, W. (2012). C-Peptide Versus Insulin: Relationships with Risk Biomarkers of Cardiovascular Disease in Metabolic Syndrome in Young Arab Females. International Journal of Endocrinology. doi:10.1155/2012/420792
• Work Place Violence Against Emergency Nurses Working In United Arab Emirates hospitals: A descriptive Study • The relationship between vitamin D, diabetes and depression: A sample of Adult Population in the United Arab Emirates • Prevalence of diabetes type 2 among school children in the United Arab Emirates • Burn out among nurses working in emergency departments in the United Arab Emirates. • The impact of nursing shift hours on patient satisfaction with care provided in Dubai hospitals • Attitudes of healthcare providers toward diabetes • Satisfaction with electronic health records: healthcare providers perspectives • Smoking and depression manifestations among students of the University of Sharjah
• Sharjah Islamic Bank Award for Best Faculty Research/University of Sharjah, 2017-2018. • F. upper graduate school. P/G: Martha E Brill Nurse Alumni Scholarship/ University of Kansas Medical Center/School of Nursing, USA, July, 2001 (10.000 USD) • Graduate school scholarship sponsored by Canadian International Developmental Agency (CIDA), 1997-1999 Research grants • SEEDS Research grants/University of Sharjah/College of Graduate studies and Research • • Women health: stress in healthy adult women in the UAE. (January 20176- January 2019). AL Jalila research foundation (283,000 AED) • Health promotion research group. April 2015-recent. Amount 350,000 AED. (Principle investigator and group coordinator) • SEEDS grants: University of Sharjah. Health related quality of life in people with diabetes in United Arab Emirates, 2008 (amount 11,000 AED). Sole investigator • Jordan University of Science and Technology Research grants # 2012/54. The association between diabetes and urinary incontinence in Jordanian Women, 2012 (amount 1,552 J.D). co-investigator. • Jordan University of Science and Technology. Assessment of medical condition, dental status and cognitive abilities and health related quality of life in nursing home residents in Jordan, 2012, (co-investigator). (amount 2,275 J.D). • College of Graduate studies and research, University of Sharjah. Serum leptin as a marker for insulin resistance in non-diabetic young Arab females in united Arab emirates. (amount 40,000 AED). (Co-investigator) • Sigma Theta Tau students’ research award/USA. amount 5000 USD, Nov 2004.
• Contribute to community services by: • Serving in several committees at the University of Sharjah, college of health sciences and department of nursing such as students assessment committee, faculty affairs committee, accreditation committee, and quality assurance committee • Conducting and organizing several seminars, conferences and workshops about diabetes care and management in different community settings (schools, malls, primary healthcare centers) • Provide consultation for the Nursing and midwifery council in the UAE for standardizing nursing education in the country.
Liberal teaching/Adult education/Democracy in Education (Follower of John Dewey School)
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