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Blood Donation Campaign

Medical Campus, UoS 31 JAN 202410 AM

The department of Medical Laboratory Sciences organized a blood donation campaign in collaboration with Blood Transfusion and Research Center-Sharjah. Thanks to the efforts of the senior MLS students in the clinical training and their mentors Ms Hilda Alam, and Ms Khadija Al Shamsi for their tremendous efforts in organizing this successful event.


• Donation center bus arrived at 10:00am.

• MLS Students were divided into 4 groups:

o Registration booth: organized the donation process and accommodated the donors. Certificates of participation were handed out to the blood donors. A total number of 57 donors were received and registered.

o Educational booth: prepared flyers and scientific leaflet related to blood donation.

o Interactive corner: arranged card games, puzzles, and giveaways.

o Blood test booth: performed ABO blood group testing for approximately 100 visitors to the booth.

Volunteers were interviewed and examined to make sure that they meet the donation criteria. Some volunteers were excluded such as those having low hemoglobin, G6PD deficiency, underweight volunteers, thalassemia volunteers, and recent travelers. Furthermore, a volunteer who donated blood within the last two weeks, was considered a deferral as well.


A good number of bags were collected from the 57 potential donors.

As for the MLS students, it was a great opportunity to observe the procedure and the deferral cases. Students learned the correct process of blood donation. This will encourage them to look up and do more research about the donation challenges, different methods, and the AABB guidelines for blood donation.

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