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At the University of Sharjah, I have not only gained a sound education but also created meaningful connections with students and faculty alike. My supportive teachers offered constant guidance and encouragement to keep me performing at my best. Alongside academic excellence, the institution offers exceptional recreational facilities and dining. The sports complex warrants a special mention! Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the leadership / faculty ensured that we had a rich and robust learning experience. I am very grateful to have gained my BSN from such an institution.
Iman Afzalhussein Yusufali
Class of June-2021
Every end has a new beginning. When I registered at the University of Sharjah, I was prepared to learn, explore, make new friends and get to know me as an individual self. University of Sharjah provided an opportunity for both national and international students to share each other’s culture, and make the university as a global village. My journey of becoming a Nurse has finally culminated, it wasn’t an easy task but through untiring support of my thatcher, family and friends, I have achieved it. Thank you everyone who have been a part of this journey and best of luck to everyone for their future. Finally, I am proud to say that I had made the right decision to study Nursing at University of Sharjah.
Amal Awni
Class of June-2019
I am honored to be one of the graduates of the B.Sc. Nursing (Bridging) program at the College of Health Sciences, University of Sharjah. I now teach undergraduate clinical courses at the same program. Studying at University of Sharjah has given me one of the most enriching experiences of my life and opened the way for me to continue my practical experience. When I reflect on my two years at the College of Health Sciences, I find that the experience did not only make me a better nurse, but also prepared me in ways for my career as an instructor. Moreover, in my current role as a clinical instructor, I work with the faculty members who had great impact on my professional development in term of developing my knowledge, skills and attitudes that helps me fulfill my duty as an instructor. In conclusion, it was a wonderful time in my life and the best educational experience I've had.
Hanan Al Tawil
Clinical Instructor, College of Health Sciences
Class of Feb, 2015
My dream and passion to become a nurse was fulfilled at the University of Sharjah especially, College of Health Sciences/ department of nursing. I graduated from the University of Sharjah. The faculty were always supportive and encouraged me to excel in my studies and to participate in extra-curricular activities including being a member in the Student Council.The four years spent were splendid and has helped me to grow better professionally & personally. I would like to thank all the faculty and staff for making me a competent nurse. I am now a staff nurse in the emergency Department. My clinical preparation prepared me well for the workplace. Studying at the University of Sharjah was an amazing experience that I will never forget.
Qassim Ali
Class of Jan,2018
Studying nursing program at the College of Health Sciences, University of Sharjah is the most magnificent, and rewarding experience for my professional and personal growth. The College of Health Sciences has a strong academic nursing program with a variety of resources that create an excellent learning environment. In addition to readily accessible faculty who share your interests, support, guide, and provide you with the sense of belonging. Meanwhile, the program has provided me with a rich knowledge base in the concepts of leadership and management, quality, and evidenced-based management prac­tices. The knowledge and skills I gained were immediately transferable to my practice and have helped me to be an effective nurse.
Tahira Mohamed Bashir
Staff Nurse, Sharjah Education Council
Class of Jan, 2018