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My four-year university journey has been a transformative roller coaster ride, filled with both exhilarating highs and challenging lows. It began with excitement and nervous anticipation, as I embraced the vibrant atmosphere and made new friends from diverse backgrounds. Academically, the university challenged me with demanding workloads and high expectations. I struggled to balance lectures, assignments, and my personal life, but through perseverance and seeking support, I discovered my true potential and witnessed academic growth. Exploring my passions and engaging in extracurricular activities opened doors to new realms of knowledge and skill development. I participated in thought-provoking discussions, research projects, and workshops that nurtured my curiosity and love for learning. I faced setbacks and moments of disappointment, but they taught me resilience, humility, and the importance of learning from failure. They were steppingstones to personal growth and self-improvement. The university provided a supportive community of professors, advisors, and mentors who guided and inspired me. Their expertise and encouragement empowered me to overcome challenges and strive for excellence. As I prepare to say goodbye to university, I am grateful for the memories, friendships, and lessons learned. It has been a transformative journey that nurtured my intellectual curiosity, fostered personal growth, and prepared me for the future. To those embarking on their university journey, embrace the highs and lows, seek new experiences, learn from failure, and cherish the relationships you form. The university is a platform for self-discovery, personal development, and an exciting new chapter in life. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
Ms. Amna Abdulraouf Mohamed Saleh Almarzooqi
Class of 2023
I chose to study at University of Sharjah because of its reputation for excellence in Health Sciences and its high ranking among UAE universities. Throughout the course, I learned and improved my skills. They are taught by professors who have worked in the industry for many years and who were able to provide real-world examples that illustrate the course ideas. I improved my academic and research skills by completing key modules during the medical imaging courses. Furthermore, I am up to speed based on advanced image analysis and post-processing techniques. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of this program was learning with other students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. The diversity of students, however, was actually quite useful to my educational level because it provided diverse perspectives in discussions.
Melika Hossein Bankipour Fard
Class of 2022
I can confidently say that pursuing an education at University of Sharjah’s (Bsc) Medical Diagnostic Imaging (MDI) program was one of the best decisions I have made for my career. It is a thorough and intense course which is geared to equipping students with the necessary theory and practical experience not only to become successful radiographers, but also vital members of any radiology team. Team building activities, critical thinking, and intensive research are key parts of every module that the course provides. Furthermore, alongside all the theoretical knowledge, the MDI department go above and beyond to arrange placements in both public and private hospitals for their students. These placements ensure students are exposed to a real-world working environment which allows numerous students (like me) to easily transition after they graduate. My heartfelt gratitude goes to all my educators during the four years at UoS - especially to Professor Bashar for running an exceptionally efficient department, and Professor Ozan for making our final semester the perfect wrap to a four-year journey.
Ms. Zahra Abbas Sumar
Class of 2021
It was a pleasure to graduate from the Medical Diagnostic Imaging department with qualified doctors and clinical tutors and with good clinical experience in all modalities around different hospitals and clinics in UAE. However, it wasn’t a lecture and clinical training-only journey, I also joined many conferences and events in and out of the university. What makes me appreciate my department the most is their efforts to maintain everything at the same level during this pandemic which was challenging.
Ms. Nada Awad Elkarim Abdel Magid Ibrahim
Class of 2020
The medical field is a vast field and imaging plays a major role in the diagnosis and treatment planning. Now that I look back at the experiences I had throughout the past 4 years, I'm more than grateful as I have learned tremendously as a student in the Medical Diagnostic Imaging (MDI) department. In terms of experience, it depends on how the individual takes that experience forward and the way to execute it. The clinical/hospital visits not only encouraged me to be academically strong but also inspired me to be a better person in life after listening to the interesting stories of the patients at the hospitals. Life at the department of Medical Diagnostic Imaging was not only about academics, but I have also been able to partake in numerous extra-curricular activities and societies which I would never have had the opportunity to pursue. Participation in these activities has helped me develop my overall personality. I stood in the College of Health Science Student Society elections and was elected as the student president of the MDI department. Giving speeches and sitting in meetings has boosted my leadership quality and my inner confidence. I have learned greatly in those unforgettable 4 years as a student and now I’m ready to explore the future life ahead.
Ms. Maryam Ali Obaid Abdulmajid Al-ali
Class of 2019
I would like to thank Dr. Entesar for one of the most wonderful opportunities in my life. I would like to continue to work on the intersection of engineering and medicine, so gaining experience in doing so has been very valuable. Especially the work at the UHS was interesting since I have very little opportunity to gain experience with the clinical side at my university. My stay also taught me a lot about Muslim and Arabic cultures, my views of which were mostly based on hearsay and prejudice, I now know. For example, I did not even realize there was a difference between Muslim and Arabic culture but viewed them almost as synonymous. Lastly, I have met some wonderful people here, and found that everyone is very friendly and welcoming. This includes my fellow IAESTE interns and the local committee, who were always very helpful, but also just fun to get to know, some of the students I met during my stay and of course my supervisors. Last, but probably the most integral of all, I want to thank Dr. Entesar for inviting me here, providing me with probably the most interesting project I have worked on so far, and the supervision, advice, and support during my stay. Dr. Entesar allowed me to work very independently, which is something I appreciate, and it is of course also a very essential skill in my career and in life in general, yet Dr. Entesar also replied swiftly when I did have questions. It made me appreciate that Dr. Entesar was always willing to listen to my view on the project and how to proceed, and allowed me to feel like it was also my project, not just a job I do because I'm paid for it.
Erik Den Boer
CHS & MDI International exchange student
I acknowledge and thank Mrs. Sura for inviting me to deliver the lecture in New Trends in Radiology on Oct 18.2012. It was indeed a good experience as I always have a passion for teaching students. The students were very interactive. I appreciate the students for their voracious appetite for learning. I would further like to contribute to the oncoming CME activities in the university and share my knowledge and experiences in radiology.
Dr. Sivakumar Dhanaraj
Specialist Radiologist Radiology Department Zulekha Hospital Dubai- UAE
It was a great pleasure to attend and participate in this seminar which is certainly will add lots to participants, the Medical Diagnostic Imaging is one of the most important specialty in the era of investigation dependant medicine which had benefit of a considerable technical advanced development during the last 25 years, such seminars are very crucial to update the knowledge of medical staff and to help more in the patient care service.
Dr. Abdulmunhem Obaideen
Head of Medical Diagnostic Imaging Associate professor of Radiology University Hospital Sharjah – UAE
When I reflect on my four years in the University of Sharjah MDI program, I conclude that the experience not only made me an ambitious Radiologic Technologist but also prepared me in unpredictable ways for my career/continuing studies journey. Through workshops, seminars, research and clinical practice, I found myself equipotential with radiologic technologists, both inside and outside UAE, even with the relatively little experience I have been a recent graduate. I'm very thankful that I have been part of incredibly supportive classmates and professors who were nothing short of champions.
Ms. Hiba Waleed Abdo Al-Dhubhani
Class of 2017