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My journey of 4 years has been a continuous process of growth, self-development, and professional development. Starting from my enrolment, I was ready to take challenges and learn through the best resources the campus had provided. Learning through many different stages of development, it started from curiosity and began anxiety to figure my way out. The struggle was the key to lead me towards the confidence and knowledge I gained. The faculty support and guidance lead me to fit my roots stronger and stand out to reach the success I have today. The college and my department have up built me to be a responsible professional and my journey not only was restricted to learning but also had moments to cherish and laugh. Being in an unfortunate situation of graduating in a year when the pandemic hit the world had affected the plans of my final semester, however, together the students and the faculty collaborated and thus we could accomplish even in hard times. I was the first batch that celebrated their graduation a year later to the actual date. I was more than thankful to my department to make my dreams come true.
Sumaiya Shahid
The UOS journey has been nothing short of life changing for me. I have learnt a lot of valuable life skills and lessons during my four years here. The most valuable assets of the university are the professors and they have been very helpful and supportive throughout my journey. All of them come from diverse backgrounds with rich experience and amazing stories to tell some of which were truly jaw dropping. The key notable experiences for me would be winning first prize in the poster competition which was fun and the final year projects. Exciting and filled with challenges, it helped me understand my interest in research and gave me a solid grounding for it which helps me to this day. An even more hands-on learning experience was when had to our internship project at various hospitals where we got to learn the function of the different departments such as human resources, customer service, quality department, medical records and so on. With regards to what is available at the University, the place has remarkable educational (laboratories, libraries, computing centers etc.) and recreational (sports area, health club with Olympic size pool) facilities, and I could make full use of it during my time there. Because of the immense support I received, I got an opportunity to work as a research assistant and currently I am doing my Master’s in Public Health at the University of Leeds in UK. This would not have possible without University of Sharjah. To those that are considering applying here I say ‘’Go for it, I discovered myself here. And I am sure you will too.’’ 😊
Swetha Variyath
I feel proud and honored as university of Sharjah graduate, moments pass by and I remember the classes, buildings, activities, professors, friends and classmates and I would do anything to live the moments back then and enjoy and understand how valuable it was to be a university of Sharjah student. I regret not living the journey, I would wish to go back there and enjoy every second of it. Great department, great academic supervisors, great professors that are always supportive to us and count us as one of their family members. I wish I can go back and live so many moments in my professor’s classes. It was long, valuable and deep journey that taught me to express and figure out who am I as a person, what my values are, what I like, what I can and I can’t do, and what type of a person I want to be in future. A very valuable and touching times and memories that I wish to capture. Thank you very much, I feel blessed and thankful for everything I went through in university of Sharjah. Hoping to continue my educational journey there. Rayya Barakah D Alshammari U14121844
Rayya Barakah D Alshammari
Wrapping up my senior year of college is bittersweet. It is nearly an emotional rollercoaster experience. It is hard to fully acknowledge that this the last time I am doing everything. It is hard to acknowledge that I will no longer have assignments to work on, topics to research, or deadlines to meet. My world revolved around my studies for the past four years. But today, everything changes. Today, I begin a new chapter of my life. I know this new chapter may hold some unfavorable situations for me, but I know I will overcome them as long as I am working hard to. Leaving UOS with an undergraduate degree "HEALTH SERVICE ADMINISTRATION" allows me to enjoy the privilege of gaining a huge foothold in the market. I have reached the end of my college chapter and now I am off to good start! I will forever cherish my experience at UOS! Asmaa Mohamad Hassan Masrani U17102373
Asmaa Mohamad Hassan Masrani
I am happy I got a chance to study in this university. There are too many advantages and too much experience this place gave me: diverse and well-structured studying program, wise and kind doctors always there to help and guide us, friendly students. I will miss every single detail in this university. Thank you!
Lujain Fathalla Alsekairi
The College of Health Service Administration was an excellent opportunity for me; it was the place where I discovered myself. It gave me the push to start all over again when I was desperate and lost not knowing where I genuinely belong or what my passion was but the college of Health Service Administration guided me to where I really belong, and I finally knew what I was passionate about which was helping people and giving them the best quality for care. It taught me how to make use of the opportunities I was assigned to achieve the best outcomes. I became a strong woman filled with knowledge and power. To all my instructors I truly appreciate the time you've put side for us from your busy lives in order to teach and bestow all the knowledge you guys had on us. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us and always being there like a sword of knowledge. I was lucky to have all of you not only as teachers but as parents when I needed to be guided and to be disciplined and a friend when I needed to talk to someone and share my problems and the difficulties I might have been having, your door of help, care, love, and patience was always open for me and all of your students. Thank you for your guidance, friendship, for your discipline and for being patient with me. You've instilled power in me through all the knowledge I've gotten from all of you which gave me the strength and confidence to start my journey in life. I will be a strong mother powered with knowledge alongside me like Dr. Amina, i will spread kindness and love like Professor Syed, I will spread humor, be caring like Professor Michael Otim and be as knowledgeable as Dr. Ashraf. Finally, I thank all of you for creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning and room for making mistakes along the way. I appreciate all your hard work and for giving me memories that I will hold deep in my heart throughout my whole life.
Furqan Mohamed Nureini
2014 – 2018
Graduating from university is a huge accomplishment, graduating means to me ending the adult children and starting the new life with more responsibilities and new authorities. I want to express my feeling as a graduate I would write my impressions of things I have learned, the experiences I have had, and the friends that I have met along the way. I had been in university for five years, I can't forget the days I went through and difficulties I faced and the pressure I experienced. It is the years of adversity, patience, and tenderness. It is five years full of events, attitudes and experiences, full of scientific and civilized communication, which is mixed with the smell of anxiety, confusion, and frustration, including what shook the ecstasy of success, excellence. A scientific competition was the first and last to reach the summit. I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to those who have been the cause of the continuation and completion of my study trip. Those who have stood with me in the most difficult circumstances and motivated me to persevere, continue and not to despair. I offer you the most beautiful words of thanks and gratitude from a heart that respects you. I would like to thank Doctor Asharf Al-Zaghlol because in the first year I've faced difficulties with the study plan and he was my academic advisor, so he helped me with all love and open-mindedness, I would thank Doctor Syed Azizur Although his exams were challenging and most of his exams were written and he was always giving us written assignments and I was still angry and upset, but now I want to thank him because if he did not force us to do the written assignments, I would not be able to write a logbook in the hospital training for the last semester . Also, I would like to thank Doctor Amina Al-Marzooqi for sharing with us her experiences that benefited me greatly and influenced me and will help me in the field of work in future. Her teaching way is different, in a minute you can get the point of the lecture because she was always given as a real situation related to lecture we had. I wish to be like her in my future work, like her strong, serious personality, educated and very kind heart. Finally, I would like to thank Doctor Michael E. Otim. The smile was always on his face; he was always considered to my circumstances. The great achievement I achieved during the five years is a beautiful response to the United Arab Emirates for its security, stability, and welfare that I will not find in any other country.
Israa Baker Ashour
Those 4 years in University of Sharjah where the best years of my life, I earned the most wonderful friends who stood by my side throughout my journey, of course, we had our ups and downs together, but we gained knowledge and skills, and it had prepared us to be always ready for what's coming and how to handle it effectively. Our doctors were the best doctors and the most caring if it wasn't or them I wouldn't have gained the required knowledge and how to deal with real life. I'm really sad that my journey here has ended, I will miss every single detail in this university but this chapter of my life has ended, and a new chapter now is coming looking forward to being successful.
Marah Talal Abu Ali
The journey wasn't only for studying and attending different courses, it's also for personality empowerment and improvement of the way of communication with others, broaden the brain, and develop other skills such as computer skills, searching, and English language as well. Thanks to the university for making me stronger, believing in myself, and confront problems facing me, because if the university provides a comfortable life for the students, it will handicap them! And at the end Happiness is not the absence of problems, it's the ability to deal with and overcome.
Farah Wassim Abdulhadi
Dear my professors, I don't know if it is possible to convey in words the sense of gratitude I feel. Being able to take classes with you, having you as my advisor, mentor, teacher, and friend over the past four years has been one of the best things to happen in my life. You have inspired me to achieve at a level higher than I thought possible. Dr. Amina, Syed and Michael your guidance and encouragement during bachelor degree were valuable — without it I most surely would have been lost at sea. I have discovered a passion for learning and exploring, for asking questions that weren't even on my radar four years ago. For that I am forever thankful. I can't thank you enough for everything — the advice, guidance, and thoughts on life. I am going to miss every single day with you and ability to drop into your offices to talk, but I hope we can stay in touch! Thank you for making me building my future as a productive student.
Raghad Haitham Omar Tuqan
I truly appreciate the efforts of all my respected doctors. It was an wonderful experience studying under the guidance and supervision of the faculty members, this will always hold a special place in my heart. After graduation, I moved to a different sphere of life, a challenging one. I will always remember my days at this University.
Marah Nihad Abd-Al-Gani Abdoh