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Student Association


Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics (CND) Society

CND Society is constituted by the students of department of Clinical Nutrition. All the students registered and pursuing the program in the department of CND, UoS and department faculty are members of the CND Society. 

                                          CND Society Purpose and Objectives

Purpose of CND Society:

This Society provides an opportunity for the students to interact, off the classes, with students from different levels of CND program, thereby enriching their social network.

The Society gives them a platform to express their concerns and addresses to academic and career related issues.

In addition, the Society aims at satisfying the desire for knowledge update of the students by organizing lectures, workshops, discussions with the experts periodically. It provides a platform for the students to acquaint themselves to the career opportunities available in the region.

Objectives of CND Society:

The main objectives of the Society are to:

  • Provide an environment in which students can collaborate and communicate effectively with one another
  • Represent the entire CND student body and develop links with other students, faculty, administration, and the public at large
  • Expand the knowledge base of the students and provide exposure to the external professional environment through periodic interaction with experts from the community
  • Orient the students to the different career opportunities