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My journey at the university has been an incredible one , it showed me who I am and enhanced me with experiences both knowledge wise and personality wise. I have been passionate for nutrition before I join the major at this university and after I did , I truly don’t regret this choice at all . We’ve encountered many situations , different people , ups and downs but every day that came along brought with it a variety of exposures that made us move forward . I’m glad I had the chance to take part in many extracurricular work as well as academic activities which enabled me to work hard for studies and have part in other activities as well . The continuous support from our professors and the positive environment pushed me to the best and made who I am. I am glad to say I have graduated from this department with honors, wasn’t an easy journey but definitely worth it!
Rameez Al Daour
Class of 2019
Enrolling in the Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics (CND) program was a great educational experience . Over the course of four years, I gained knowledge that I will use over a lifetime to help the people of my community as well as family and friends. The CND department has given me the chance to hone skills that would help me in future employment and valuable opportunities.
Haya Hani Khalaf
Class of 2019
Joining a university is a learning experience in itself! As a graduate from the Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, I can positively say that UOS has made me a better person. Time management, critical thinking and the ability to work hard are the crucial skills you will need to succeed in a job. And that’s exactly what I’ve learned. I wouldn't have been able to achieve what I have achieved without the caring environment, especially from our professors. They try hard to show the best of me and that’s why they are special. Alongside academics, the volunteer work has made me realize and learn that life is not only about studying; it’s about getting out of your comfort zone, exploring interests and meeting new people. After my four year journey, I can forthrightly claim that this university, with its faculty members has given me the right to walk with confidence, to show that I am well-educated, and most importantly, capable.
Layan Ibrahim AlSayed
Class of 2018
Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics program at University of Sharjah provides a positive and productive learning environment with classes delivered in an upbeat, engaging manner. The professors teach with the most unwavering devotion, motivating students’ success in and out of university. They identify and encourage the educational competencies of students, evoke creativity and constantly strive to enhance the learning experience. Through the invaluable nutritional knowledge gained and impeccable dietetic training received, I bud out of this program equipped with sufficient clinical skills, to pursue, with confidence, my career in nutrition & dietetics. The outstanding facilities and resources, amiable learning environment and the credibility of professors truly made this an all-round, amazing experience.
Hira Naveed
Class of 2018
I started University with low expectations. The best I was hoping for initially was to pass; however, with continuous hard work and support from family, friends and the faculty, I ended up graduating with the highest of honors. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of studying Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Sharjah. Faculty members of our department helped us push through these four years; they were cooperative, friendly and always respected students’ opinions. With a heavy heart I want to thank my doctors who were a reason behind who and where I am today. They seeded in me the knowledge and pushed me at every step to do better and better. Thanks to everyone who made this four-year journey memorable and special.
Lama Tabasha
Class of 2018
The University of Sharjah is an excellent choice for those who are looking forward to an undergraduate degree in clinical nutrition. Its state of the art infrastructure and facilities help make the university experience even more rewarding. The department consists of highly experienced faculty members who are always at hand when the need arises. Besides this, the training at various hospitals and community centers helps one gain firsthand experience of the real world apart from building up personality and self-esteem. I would definitely recommend any prospective undergraduate student to keep this university as their first choice for a degree in clinical nutrition.
Fayeza Hasan
Class of 2017
I am grateful to be one of the graduates of the Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics Program (CN&D) in 2013. Joining the (CN&D) department to complete my Bachelor’s degree was one of the best decisions I made in my life. It was a great time I spent in the department with wonderful faculty; they were very cooperative and supportive. CN&D has made the best efforts to provide all the facilities for us in order to prepare and join events, conferences, good training sites, and other activities indoors and out. The days I spend in this department were the golden days of my life, and I was lucky to later be employed in this department as a Clinical Tutor.
Hanin Kassem
University of Sharjah, Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
Class of 2013
As a Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics student at University of Sharjah I had the best chance to gain the knowledge and the experience from excellent doctors who tried to give all they can. Studding in Health science collage makes it easy to meet friends from all the majors which make the journey through the four years much more fun. Waiting forward to complete my master degree there.
Suzanne Bouanane
Dietitian, Ministry of Health
Class of 2011
Ten years ago was when I first set foot in University of Sharjah. Since then, the Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics Department faculty have become my second family, the campus my second home. The atmosphere of understanding and unlimited faculty support here is incomparable. Student feedback is valued and their satisfaction is always a priority to the department. Study material are always updated to deliver the most recent evidence-based approaches of the profession to students. Overall, I’m very lucky to have been and still be here as part of this progressive environment at the Clinical Nutrition& Dietetics department.
Salma Abu Qiyas
University of Sharjah, Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
Class of 2011