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Department Overview

​The College of Fine Arts currently offers a training program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art. 

A study plan providing Foundation level studio courses for Freshman students, followed by studio courses that introduce sophomore students to the main areas of contemporary Fine Art practice: 

Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Installation, Photography and Time-Based and Digital Media. 

Students in their junior and senior years are expected to develop their ideas and their creative strategies in one or more of these areas of practice. 

Studio courses, at all levels, are contextualized by lecture-based courses and other studio courses that address historical, theoretical and critical issues. 
The Fine Art Program is designed to produce graduates who are multi-skilled practitioners, independent learners and creative thinkers. 

They are equipped for a range of career opportunities in the visual arts and the creative industries, including self employment in professional practice, employment in museums, galleries and art organizations, positions in areas using new technology, digital imaging, multi-media, illustration and special effects.