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Department's Welcome

Studying Fine Arts at our renowned College of Fine Arts and Design of the University of Sharjah is both a privilege and a responsibility. It is a privilege, because students are offered courses to learn the basics, and get hands-on experience using a wide variety of media, including drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography and video. This, in turn, leads towards their innovative combination and creation of novel works pursued in our state of the art studio spaces. The highly qualified members of the international team of instructors come from seven countries and three continents, and students can benefit from their experience and expertise as active artists and researchers in the global art world. Besides the development of students’ technical skills however, a strong focus is given also on the historical, theoretical and aesthetic background that underpins the quality of the results of the creative process, as well as contributes to the increasing of the already numerous possibilities of art-related career paths. This leads to a continuously developing sense of responsibility in our students, who aim to become not only successful artists, but creative individuals generously contributing to the further strengthening of the artistic and cultural position of Sharjah and of the United Arab Emirates on the global art map. The collaboration with Sharjah Art Foundation, local art galleries, international art fairs and cultural festivals are ideal occasions for our students to become part of this fascinating field and thus for our Department to maintain its position as a promoter and centre of creativity.
Dr. Izmer Bin Ahmad