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Resources & Facilities


REWAK GALLERY - REWAK is a purpose-built art gallery with the design, lighting arrangements and acoustics providing an  effective space for the presentation all art forms and artists. The Gallery s mission is to support  pedagogy, research and studio practice within the College and it is seen as an integral part of the  teaching and learning programs; this is reflected in the graduation exhibitions and student shows held in  the gallery each year.



3D WORKSHOP - Professional practice in all of the arts is about the concept, design and manufacture of  real artefacts, never more so than in the practice of making sculpture or the manufactured out comes of  any form of three-dimensional design. The facilities and tuition Programs on both the sculpture and  design Programs at this College are among the best in the world and are taught through the appropriate choice  and practice of process. To do this effectively and meet the needs of our students there have to be  prescriptive options in the application of process. This end is achieved by the innovative application of  process to design using the following primary options:

•             Professional Studio space with light viewing room and a capacity for six-meter high work

•             Machine shop equipped for working wood to cabinet or pattern making standards

•             Gas welding fabrication teaching facility capacity for eight students

•             Fabrication and welding shop equipped with tig, mig, and stick welding and plasma cutter.

  • Forge equipped with ten-ton drop hammer

•             Engineering machine shop with lathe and milling machine

•             Foundry for lost wax and sand casting

•             Plaster/wax room

•             Glass reinforced plastics workshop

•             Stone carving workshop

•             Sheet metal workshop

•             Ceramic workshop facility

•             Glass casting facility 


PRINTMAKING STUDIO - The College of Fine Arts and Design houses the most comprehensive printmaking workshop used in education within the gulf region (if not the world ). It contains state-of-the-art printmaking facilities and  equipment enabling students to partake in a full and diverse range of printmaking mediums. Students  are able to create monotypes, calligraphy, relief prints (such as linocuts and wood cuts), lithographs,  screen prints, and intaglio prints such as etching (nontoxic), photo etching, dry point and engraving.

The studio has imported specialized printmaking equipment from the UK and USA. These include:

•             2 x Harry Rochat etching presses

•             1 x Takach large multipurpose press

•             3 x Natgraph screen beds

•             1 x Harry Rochat offset lithography press

•             Natgraph vertical and horizontal exposure units and UV light source

•             Natgraph washout and developing booths for screen-printing 

The studio also houses a papermaking facility enabling students to make their own handmade paper  from a range of materials using a Reina Hollander beater and a 50-ton hydraulic press. The studio is  supported by a full-time technical expert/lecturer in printmaking with extensive practical knowledge of  all printmaking areas.