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Dr.Abdul Samad al Khalidi Academic RankAssistant Professor


  • Interior Design

Research Interests:

  • My research interests relate to Islamic architecture and Interior design with a focus on historical research, contemporary design, and the connections between them. As well as developing in-depth historical research into the processes of making museums, I have developed a series of events and publications which explore contemporary interior design, with a particular focus on design methodologies and the acknowledgement of the interpretive potential of design. As well as undertaking my own individual research, I work closely with colleagues on interdisciplinary projects who are exploring similar ideas through their design practice and with academic colleagues in the field of learning and education to develop projects at the boundaries of Education and Design.


1997-2000 - Baghdad University, Iraq • PhD. Interior Design. • Thesis Title “Structure of Interior Design in Great Halls –An analytical Study. 1993-1995 Baghdad University ,Iraq • Master of Interior Design, College of Fine Arts , 1995. • Master Thesis Title “Interior Design Elements in Modern Banks in Baghdad. “ 1985-1989 Baghdad University • Bachelor. Interior Design, College of Fine Arts , 1989. • Final year project” Re-design Interior Spaces for Faculty of Pharmacy -Baghdad University “ 1983-1985 Ministry of Higher Education-Iraq • Diploma. Design, Institute of Applied Arts, 1985. • Final year project ” Re-design Bus Station ”
- September 2008– to date, University of Sharjah Sharjah, U.A.E. - September 2001–2008, Ajman University Ajman, U.A.E. - September 1995 –2000, Baghdad University Baghdad , Iraq
• Alkhalidi,Abdulsamad, Future directions in Interior Design education ,published in the proceeding of International conference on Education and development 2015 ,5-7 March, Bangkok. Thailand. • Alkhalidi,Abdulsamad, Izanai,Mohammad, E.Mokhtar ,Multimedia – based approach for learning and teaching Photography, International Conference of applied and creative arts ,Malaysia, Oct. 2015 • Izani,Mohammad,Alkhalidi,Abdulsamad, Assisting interior design class using online 3D application, [in]arch International Conference,University of Indonesia, Jakarta,Sep.2014 • Alkhalidi,Abdulsamad, The Language of Sustainable design in the UAE,2nd Biennial conference on Sustainable business ,energy &development in Asia, virtual presentation Hiroshima,Japan,2014. • Alkhalidi,Abdulsamad, Sustainable application in the traditional buildings of the Gulf area. International Conference in Malaysia, Oct.20th -22nd (IFEE 2012) • Alkhalidi,Abdulsamad, The role of internship for design students in achieving comprehensive development. 1st Approach seminar for Art education, ,University of sultan Qaboos. Muscat , 2010. •Arranging International workshop 2015 on Sustainability and Universal Design application in Japan (The establishment of disaster resilient) between University of Sharjah and Kokushikan University. •Organizing décor paints workshop at UoS, College of fine arts and design,2015 •Organizing workshop on Sculptured Writings for CFAD students at UoS, College of fine arts and design,2014 •American University in The UAE -2014, Design Inspiration •Al-Hosn University -2012,An ABC Research project for capstone course •Abu Dhabi University -2012,Color application in Interiors •Canadian University in Dubai -2011,Conceptual Design
 Member of the committee of Sharjah Collections of The Arts 2014-2015  Member of Sharjah Initiative for Designs & Innovation competition 2015  Member of Iraqi Artists Union Since 1994  Assessor member of Arts and creativity of UAE Universities, Since 2009  Member of Iraqi Artists Union Since 1994  Member of Iraqi Modern Arts Association Since 1995  Member of Iraqi Calligraphy Society Since 1997
•Research seed grant, Mosques in Sharjah city, University of Sharjah,2012- 2015. •Research seed grant, Cultural concerns in the design of elderly nursing homes in the United Arab Emirates, University of Sharjah,2016 ongoing. Selected Publications
•Alkhalidi,Abdulsamad,Interior design of the Mosques in Sharjah city,Al-Academy Journal, University of Baghdad,Iraq,Volume 83, 2017. •Alkhalidi,Abdulsamad, The concept of Sustainable Environment in the UAE,Al-Academy Journal, University of Baghdad,Iraq,Volume 36, 2015. •Alkhalidi,Abdulsamad, Sustainable Application of Interior spaces in Traditional houses of the United Arab emirates, Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences Journal,102(2013)288-299 •Bendak, Salahdien, Ahmed,Khaled ,Alkhalidi,Abdulsamad, Ergonomic assessment of primary school furniture in United Arab Emirates, International journal of occupational ergonomics, Volume 11,No 2- 3/2013. •Alkhalidi,Abdulsamad, Artificial Lighting in Sharjah Museums through the narrative characteristics of drama. UOS Journal, UAE,Volume 10,No1,June 2013. •Dr.Budhiaf Bu Zaid, Dr.Abdulsamad Alkhalidi,Dr.Sabah Mushatat, The root of the problem: The ugly and the good urban spaces ,LONNARD Magazine, ,publication of Lonnard Group in London. Issue 15 ,Volume3, May 2013, •Alkhalidi, Abdulsamad, The role of internship for interior design students in achieving comprehensive development ,UOS Journal ,UAE,Volume 9 No1 ,February 2012. •Alkhalidi, Abdulsamad, Esthetics of shade and light on Dubai historical buildings, Published in Helwan University Journal, Volume 24 No1.January 2012.
•Sharjah Martyr Museum 2016 •Al-Qassimi Museum 2016 •Remodeling interior spaces for central library at University of Sharjah,2014 •Sharjah Maritime transport,2014 •Sharjah Media centre,2014 •Visually impaired Centre at Dubai Old town ,2013 •Design and research centre –University City, 2013 •Sustainability design Centre at Sharjah Heritage Area 2010. •Interior Design for Ajman University –Department of Architecture & Interior Design,2009
• Annual University Scientific Research Forum ,University of Sharjah,2016 •Government of Sharjah, Islamic Art festival (Light), 2015 •Annual University Scientific Research Forum ,University of Sharjah,2015 •Government of Sharjah, Sharjah Economic Development Department, 2015 •Government of Sharjah, Sharjah Youth Centers, 2015 •Government of Sharjah, Islamic Art festival (Art and Science), 2014 •Government of Sharjah, Sharjah collection of the Art, 2014
•External reviewer for Interior Design program (full documents) for accreditation purposes 2015-2016.Ministry of Higher education of Sultanate of Oman – Al-Zahra College for Women-University College. •Member of Sharjah Initiative for Designs & Innovation competition,2017 •Member of Sharjah Initiative for Designs & Innovation competition,2016 •Member of Sharjah Initiative for Designs & Innovation competition 2015 •Member of the committee of Sharjah Collections of The Arts 2014-2015 •External reviewer for Interior Environment program (full documents) for accreditation purposes 2014-2015.Ministry of Higher education of Sultanate of Oman – Colleges of applied sciences. •External assessor of final projects for Interior design students at Abu Dhabi University, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2009, 2010, 2013.
I see my role as an assistant Professor being one that assists students in achieving their artistic goals. My courses are both personal and collaborative experiences. Students, along with my help, define their goals and then set about achieving them. In this sense, the courses are both general and specific. They are general in that students are not restricted to any one approach; specific in that they allow the students to find their own manner of thinking and making. Students must achieve a familiarity with technique, concept and history. Technical ability is allied with the conceptual focus of the student; they work in tandem. As the students define their own goals, they also define the technical area in which they work. I also stress the importance of knowing previous designs and Interior Designers, both from the past and present, and from local and international. Designing interiors cannot be made without a historical context, and this knowledge helps students understand their designs in relation to others. I encourage students to follow their own path in their work and hope to provide an atmosphere where personal development flourishes. Also, I feel the classroom through collaborative projects. Through my teaching experiences in different cultures and nations, I have developed a respect for the individual student and their work. All Design is unique in that it is created by a specific person. At the same time, I feel that Design is also universal. In teaching, I balance these two essences and provide an experience that both nurtures and informs the students.
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