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Department's Welcome


Welcome to the Department of Applied Design (DAD)

Design has never been more essential than now as the world is confronted with unprecedented challenged. Furthermore, design has a key significance in the UAE being a modern society.

Designers are concerned with generating solutions. This is acquired through design-focused experiences and education that allows designers to swiftly recognize a problem and suggest a solution. The major features of design expertise include generating, synthesizing, and evaluating solutions. Productive and creative design behavior is linked to the frequency of change among cognitive activities, such as synthesis and analysis. Designers should be able to evaluate the conditions of a context and swiftly adjust their actions to the emerging set of needs.

Within DAD, our students have an intensive, interactive learning experience. DAD utilizes the latest technology in the classrooms and workshops, providing students with exciting opportunities to express themselves and deliver creative design solutions. Students learn by a unique mix of theory and practice in an outstanding interdisciplinary environment. Furthermore, DAD utilizes the strong collaboration with the UAE art and design community and society at large to enrich our students learning experience in real life situations. DAD students are well trained to focus their capacities not only on how things look, but to question how they are structured, and more importantly, how to improve them.

DAD offers a Bachelor of Design (B.Des) with majors in Interior Design, Visual communication, and Fashion Design and Textiles. We prepare outstanding students for a challenging international market. We are proud of our alumni at graduate schools, industry, and government.

Dr. Ayman Fathy

Chair, Department of Applied Design