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Dean's Welcome

Welcome to University of Sharjah’s College of Fine Arts and Design - CFAD . . . a community that fosters creativity and promotes innovation in partnership with society. We endeavor to engage in art and design within the public realm. Our uniqueness stems from interacting with various public and semi-public entities, promoting art and design, culture and heritage, the visual and tactile, to enhance and inform our environment, while engaging the community in a meaningful dialog. This discourse exposes our students to the public realm early in their careers while simultaneously allows them the opportunity to interact and share their passion outside campus. Similarly, our partners are eager to interact with our students valuing their inventive spirit while offering them a forum to soar to new artistic heights; a collaboration that is uniquely of and from within Sharjah.
Through the medium of our faculty work and students projects, we communicate our messages in the form of a tangible object or virtual product. Our dialog is inclusive of both each other’s inspirations and particular to an individual’s aspirations. In responding to our partners’ invitations, we are embarking on a journey that allows us the opportunity to show case our students’ creations and be an integral part of the daily interactions with the public at large becoming, in the process, involved and effective citizens.
While we employ various scales in our work, from an interior space and jewelry piece to a wall mural and advertisement, our offered degrees are in Fashion Design and Textiles, Fine Arts, Interior Design, and Visual Communication. To realize these degrees, knowledge is attained and skills are honed in dedicated studios and specialized workshops, and CFAD faculty and staff are committed to our students’ advancement; all set in a unique environment that allows everyone the luxury of creating a master piece of one’s own.

We welcome you to join us and share in our passion for art and design!

Professor Nadia M. Alhasani, PhD
Dean, College of Fine Arts & Design (CFAD)