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Dr.Zafar Said Academic RankAssociate Professor


  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, University Malaya, Malaysia

Research Interests:

  • Renewable Energy, Energy and Exergy Analysis, Solar Energy, Heat Transfer, Nanofluids, Nano enhanced PCM, Nanolubricants, Nanorefrigerants, Polygeneration, Energy Storage, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and Optimization.


Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, University Malaya, Malaysia, Oct. 2014 (Fast Track Masters leading to Ph.D.) Worked on the thesis titled “Effect of thermo physical properties on the energy & exergy efficiencies of flat plate solar collector using metal oxides and SWCNTs based nanofluids “, Master of Engineering (Mechanical), University Malaya, Malaysia, Feb. 2011. Thesis titled “Investigation on fundamental optical properties of nanofluids” B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (Hons.), University Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia, Sept. 2008 Worked on the thesis titled “(SPT), Parametric Study of mixed convection heat transfer in a lid driven square cavity filled with nanofluids. “ American Degree Transfer Program (Liberal Arts) 2006-2007 Help University College, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Assistant Professor, Department of Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering (SREE), University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE September, 2016 - Present Project Lead, Line Scan Thermography, September. 2015 - Present. Strata, UAE. Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Masdar Institute, U.A.E., April. 2014 - Present. Masdar Institute. Ph.D. Research Fellow, University Malaya, Malaysia, Feb, 2012- April, 2014. Dept. of Mechanical Engineering. Research Engineer, University Malaya, Malaysia, Nov. 2011 – Feb, 2012. Dept. of Mechanical Engineering.
M.Sc. Level training: 1. HyperWorks (simulation software) 2. RadTherm (simulation software) 3. Thermal Camera handling (MWIR & LWIR), IRControl & FLIR Software. 4. Demonstration and training for carrying experimental work of vehicles for both industry and students. Kumon, Malaysia: Instructor for math advance levels: calculus, trigonometry, differential equations, advanced differentiation and integration etc. Assistantship: Teaching Assistant, University Malaya, Malaysia, 2012 - 2013. Supervision Research Engineer: Mr. Alain Kaddoum Ph.D. Students: Mr. Aliaa M. Abou Ali Ms. M. A. Shabiha (University Malaya)
1. PI. High power conversion efficiency in ferroelectric hot carrier solar cells via plasmonic assisted carrier injection. (4-2022-ongoing) Grant (200,000 AED) 2. PI. Nanorefrigerants and nanolubricants for district cooling. Collaborative external project with Tabreed. (2021-ongoing) Phase 1, Grant (63,000 AED) 3. PI. Performance enhancement of Parabolic Trough Solar Collector with different inserts, designs and nanofluids. (2021-ongoing) Grant (196,000 AED) 4. PI. Performance enhancement of evacuated tube solar collector using different nanomaterials-based fluid. (2018-ongoing) Grant (80,000 AED) 5. Co-PI. Numerical and experimental investigations of Dust effect on Solar systems under United Arab Emirates Weather Conditions and Dust Mitigation Methods. (2020-ongoing) Grant (80,000 AED) 6. Co-PI. Numerical and experimental study of an innovative solar absorber - parabolic trough collectors’ case. (2018-ongoing) Grant (165,000 AED) 7. PI. Stability and thermophysical properties of Hybrid nanofluids for heat transfer enhancement and energy efficiency. (2017-2019) Grant (40,000 AED) 8. Co-PI. Energy Efficiency enhancement of PV/T using nanofluids. (2017-2020) Grant (97,600 AED). 9. Faculty member and advisor. Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018 Dubai. (2016-2018).
1. Zafar Said et al. "Recent advances on the fundamental physical phenomena behind stability, dynamic motion, thermophysical properties, heat transport, applications, and challenges of nanofluids." Physics Reports. Volume 946, 2 February 2022, Pages 1-94. (IF: 30.150). 2. Thakur, Amrit Kumar, Mohammad Shamsuddin Ahmed, Hyokyeong Kang, Rajendran Prabakaran, Zafar Said, Saidur Rahman, Ravishankar Sathyamurthy, Jaekook Kim, and Jang‐Yeon Hwang. "Critical Review on Internal and External Battery Thermal Management Systems for Fast Charging Applications." Advanced Energy Materials (2022): 2202944. (IF: 29.698). 3. Said, Zafar, Prabhakar Sharma, Rajvikram M. Elavarasan, Arun Kumar Tiwari, and Manish K. Rathod. "Exploring the specific heat capacity of water-based hybrid nanofluids for solar energy applications: A comparative evaluation of modern ensemble machine learning techniques." Journal of Energy Storage 54 (2022): 105230. (IF: 8.907). 4. Zafar Said*, Ahmed Amine Hachicha, Sadegh Aberoumand, Bashria A. A. Yousef, Enas Taha Sayed, Evangelos Bellos. Nanofluids for low to medium temperature solar collectors: energy, exergy, economic analysis and environmental impact. Progress in Energy and Combustion Science (2021). Volume 84, May 2021, 100898 (IF: 35.339). 5. Said, Zafar, Prabhakar Sharma, Arun Kumar Tiwari, Zuohua Huang, Van Ga Bui, and Anh Tuan Hoang. "Application of novel framework based on ensemble boosted regression trees and Gaussian process regression in modelling thermal performance of small-scale organic rankine cycle using hybrid nanofluid." Journal of Cleaner Production (2022): 132194. (IF: 11.079). 6. Said, Zafar, Shek Rahman, Prabhakar Sharma, Ahmed Amine Hachicha, and Salah Issa. "Performance characterization of a solar-powered shell and tube heat exchanger utilizing MWCNTs/Water-based nanofluids: An experimental, Numerical, and Artificial Intelligence approach." Applied Thermal Engineering (2022): 118633. (IF: 6.465). 7. Said, Zafar, Prabhakar Sharma, Navid Aslfattahi, and Mokhtar Ghodbane. "Experimental analysis of novel ionic liquid-MXene hybrid nanofluid's energy storage properties: Model-prediction using modern ensemble machine learning methods." Journal of Energy Storage 52 (2022): 104858. (IF: 8.907). 8. Hachicha, Ahmed Amine, Essam M. Abo-Zahhad, Zafar Said, and S. M. A. Rahman. "Numerical and experimental investigations of the electrical and thermal performances of a novel PV thermal system." Renewable Energy (2022). (IF: 8.634).
1. Master’s degree, Mariam Khaled Galal Ahmed Zaghloul, Master Student, UAE University, Co-Supervisor. 9-1-2022 to present. 2. PhD Student, Humaid Ali Hassan Alwali Alkindi, University of Sharjah, Co-Supervisor. 9-29-2022-present.
 Ranked 522 in the world and 3 in United Arab Emirates in our ranking, and awarded with 2022 Rising Star of Science Award by  I am ranked #1 in Mechanical Engineering in University of Sharjah and in UAE as per AD Scientific Index - World Scientist Rankings - 2023. I am also ranked #1 in Engineering & Technology at University of Shajrah and #4 in UAE. (  World's Top 2% Scientists 2021 (jointly by Elsevier BV and Stanford University) with a Global Rank #270 out of #229150 researchers (excluding self-citations) in the field of Energy .  World's Top 2% Scientists 2020 (jointly by Elsevier BV and Stanford University) with a Global Rank #270 out of #229150 researchers (excluding self-citations) in the field of Energy (Source: Table_1_Authors_singleyr_2020_wopp_extracted_202108).  World's Top 2% Scientists 2019 (by Stanford University) with a Global Rank #1578 out of #186014 researchers (excluding self-citations) in the field of Energy. (Table s7 and Table s9)  Faculty Annual Incentive Research Award for University and Community Service (2020-2021) (10000 AED).  Annual Faculty Incentive Award for Distinguished Researchers (2018-2019) (15000 AED)  Sharjah Islamic Bank Award for Distinguished Researchers (2017-2018) (6000 AED)  Ph.D. Fellowship (2500 RM monthly scholarship for full Ph.D. study plus tuition fee), Higher Impact Research (HIR), Universiti Malaya (2011-2014)
 World Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies (WSSET) (Membership Number: 2721) Since June, 2022-present.  Member, Climate Change & Food & Water Security at the UAE climate Change Research Network for the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, UAE. (2022-present)  Member, Climate Change & Infrastructure at the UAE climate Change Research Network for the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, UAE. (2022-present)  Mentor as Global Talent Mentoring – by World Giftedness Center. Global Talent Mentoring is an online mentoring program for developing talents in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medical sciences (STEMM). (2020-present)  An assessor for the Australian Research Council (ARC), (26th July 2021-present).  Reviewer for European Research Council (ERC) (ERC Starting Grant 2019 Call)
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