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Dr.Chaouki Ghenai Chairman: Research Funding Department, Office of Vice Chancellor of Research and Graduate Studies Academic RankAssociate Professor


  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Orleans, Orleans, France.

Research Interests:

  • Research Interests: • Renewable Energy – Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Wind, Bioenergy, Fuel Cell, Wave
    • Energy Efficiency (Building, Industry and Transportation)
    • Energy Storage
    • Hybrid Power System
    • Micro Grid Power System
    • Renewable Energy for Desalination System
    • Renewable and Alternative fuels – Biofuels: Biodiesel, Biogas, Syngas, Bio-oil, Hydrogen, Biohythane
    • Waste to Energy (Gasification, Pyrolysis, Anaerobic Digestion, Transesterification)
    • Modeling and Simulation of Energy Systems
    • Combustion (Solid, Liquid, Gas fuels), Heat Transfer, and Fluid Dynamics - CFD and Laser Diagnostic
    • Clean Energy Technologies
    • Sustainability and Eco Design
    • Energy-Water Nexus
    • Energy Management and Green Building (Net Zero Energy Building)
    • Nano-fluids for Biofuels and Energy Systems


Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering (Energy), Orleans University, Orleans, France, 1995. - M.Sc Mechanical Engineering (Energy Conversion), Orleans University, Orleans, France, 1991 - B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, University of Constantine, Constantine, Algeria, 1990
01/15 – Present Associate Professor, Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering Department, College of Engineering, University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE 09/14 – 12/14 Adjunct Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, University of Miami, Miami, Florida 01/2007– 05/2014 Assistant Professor, Ocean and Mechanical Engineering Department, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida 2001 – 2006 Combustion Manager, Applied Research Center, Florida International University, Miami, Florida 1999 – 2001 Research Associate, UCLA, Los Angeles, California, “NASA Glenn Micro- Gravity Combustion Program”. 1998 Research Associate, Kansas State University, Physics Department, Manhattan, Kansas State, “NSF Complex Fluid Flow Program”. 1996 – 1997 Research Scientist (Postdoc), Cornell University, Mechanical ad Aerospace Engineering Department, Ithaca, NY, “Army Combustion Research Program”. 1995 – 1996 Post Doc, CNPM, Milan, Italy, “European micro gravity combustion program”.
• DEWA Scientific Week: Presentation on Hybrid Power System • International Conference on Solutions for Better Life: World Future Leaders, Sharjah • Judge – UAE Undergraduate Student Research Competition, Abu Dhabi • Expert Services – Reviewer: Think Science, Dubai, United Arab Emirates • Faculty Learning Community - FAU: o Technology Enhanced Learning, 2008 – 2009 o Sustainable Pedagogy, 2009 -2010 o Assessment Technologies and Strategies, 2010 – 2011 o Online Course Assessment, 2011 – 2012. • Writing Across Curriculum – WAC Summer Curriculum Development Seminar, 2011, FAU • ELearning Designer and Facilitator Certification Course, Spring, 2012, FAU • Energy Audit Certifications (Residential and Commercial Buildings), 2013.
Sustainable Energy Development Research Group Coordinator – University of Sharjah Renewable Energy Development Facility Coordinator - University of Sharjah Sustainable and Renewable Energy Research Projects • Hybrid power systems: Simulation, modeling and optimization of hybrid renewable power systems in Sharjah. • Hybrid power system – Design of Hybrid power system for desalination plant. • Wind Energy: shrouded wind turbine - modeling the performance of shrouded wind turbine. • Solar energy: 3 kW PV/thermal system - cooling and cleaning of Solar PV • Solar energy: solar (parabolic trough) air conditioning system using absorption chiller • Ocean energy: current turbines - modeling the performance of underwater turbine), combined wind/ocean power (floating wind and wave generator hybrid system) • Bio-energy (Biomass and Coal/Biomass power plant performance analysis) • Waste to Energy: syngas production using gasification of wood and bio-oil fuel production from plastic using pyrolysis). • Alternative Fuels – Biodiesel production using nano-catalysts, nanoparticles for combustion enhancement and emissions reductions, biogas production using anaerobic digestion, and combustion of syngas fuels. • Combustion - Clean combustion technologies, coal combustion, oxygen Coal combustion, coal-biomass Co-Firing, biofuels combustion in gas turbines, hydrogen combustion, syngas fuel combustion • Emissions - Engine performance and emission testing • Clean energy project analysis (Modeling); energy planning and climate change mitigation assessment • Sustainability - Eco design (design of low carbon energy and storage systems); Life cycle analysis of wind turbine; and energy/water nexus (modeling energy consumption in biomass power plants). • Building Energy – Net Zero Energy Building
1. C. Ghenai, Thermal Performance of Biomass-Fired Steam Power Plan, ASME Journal of Thermal and Science Engineering, accepted, in press, 2016. 2. E. Al-Sarairah, C. Ghenai, and A. Hachicha, Multiplicity of premixed flames under the effect of heat losses, ASME Journal of Thermal and Science Engineering, accepted, in press, 2016. 3. Idowu Adeyemi, Isam Janajreh, Thomas Arink, and Chaouki Ghenai, Gasification behavior of coal and woody biomass: validation and parametric study, Applied Energy, 2016. 4. C. Ghenai, Design of Solar Biomass Hybrid Micro-grid System in Sharjah, Energy Procedia, Accepted 2016. 5. M. Noorul Hussain, I. Janajreh, C. Ghenai, Multiple source sustainable hybrid micro-grid for urban communities: A case study in UAE, Energy Procedia, Accepted 2016. 6. C. Ghenai, T. Salameh, I. Janajreh, Computational Modeling of the Performance of Shrouded Wind Turbine, Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (JJMIE), under review, 2016. 7. C. Ghenai, T. Salameh, and I. Janajreh, Numerical Modeling of Biomass and Solid Waste-Based Syngas Fuels Combustion, International Journal of Thermal and Environmental Engineering, Volume 11, No 1, pp. 117-123,2016. 8. C. Ghenai and I. Janajreh, Combustion of Renewable Biogas Fuels, Journal of Energy and Power Engineering, Vol. 9, pp. 831-843, 2015. 9. C. Ghenai, Emissions Performance of Syngas Fuels Derived from Palm Kernel Shell and Polyethylene (PE) waste via catalytic steam gasification, International Journal of Mechanical, Aerospace, Industrial, Mechatronics, and Manufacturing Engineering, Vol. 9, No 6, 2015. 10. A. Hachicha, C. Ghenai, and A. K. Hamid, Enhancing the Performance of a Photovoltaic Module Using Different Cooling Methods, International Journal of Environmental, Chemical, Ecological, Geological and Geophysical Engineering Vol:9, No:9, 2015. 11. K. Thakar, C. Ghenai and A. Hachicha, Integrated Modeling Approach for Energy Planning and Climate Change Mitigation Assessment in the State of Florida, International Journal of Environmental, Chemical, Ecological, Geological and Geophysical Engineering Vol:9, No:9, 2015. 12. C. Ghenai, Energy-Water-Carbon interconnection: challenges and sustainable solution methods and strategies, International Journal of Thermal & Environmental Engineering Volume 7, Issue No. 2, pp. 57-64, 2014. 13. S.S. Razan, I. Janajrah, and C. Ghenai, Sustainable index approach as a section criteria for energy storage system of intermittent renewable energy source, Applied Energy, 136, pp 909-920, 2014. 14. K. Zbeeb and C. Ghenai, Syngas Fuel Combustion in Re-circulating Vortex Combustor, Journal of Energy and Power Engineering 7, pp. 1852 – 1864, 2013. 15. C. Ghenai and I. Janajreh, Comparison of Resource Intensities and Operational Parameters of Renewable, Fossil Fuel, and Nuclear Power Systems, Int. J. of Thermal & Environmental Engineering Volume 5, No. 2, pp. 95-104, 2013. 16. C. Ghenai, K. Zbeeb and I. Janajreh, Combustion of Alternative Fuels in Vortex Trapped Combustor, Energy Conversion and Management, Volume 65, January 2013, pp. 819-828 17. C. Ghenai, Life Cycle Assessment of Packaging Materials for Milk and Dairy Products, International Journal of Thermal & Environmental Engineering, Volume 4, No2, pp. 117 – 128, 2012
• PhD dissertation o Chair and direct Advisor – 4 PhD students (3 students from Florida Atlantic University FAU and one student from Florida International University FIU, Florida, USA) o Co-Advisor (University of Sharjah) – 2 PhD students in Algeria o Member of Dissertation Committee – 6 PhD students (FAU) • Master Thesis o Chair and direct supervisor – 7 Master students (FAU) o Member of Thesis Committee – 8 Master Students (FAU) • Undergraduate Research Program – Direct supervisor: senior design projects at UOS (6 senior design projects since Spring 2015) • Independent Studies – Directed/Supervised more than 13 independent studies for Ocean and Mechanical Engineering students (FAU)
• Certificate of Appreciation, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Government of Dubai – Dubai Scientific Week • Certificate of Appreciation - Contribution to the International Conference, Solutions for Better Life: World Future Leaders • Certificate of Appreciation, Abu Dhabi University, Judge – UAE Undergraduate Student Research Competition • Certificate of Participation – Invited Speaker, Energy and Water in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries, EWGCC 2016 • FAU Faculty Honor Fellow: 2010-2011 and 2011- 2012 • Excellence and Innovation in Undergraduate Teaching, FAU, April 2010 • Academic Service Learning (ASL) Science Technology Engineering and Math Award, 2011 • Exceptional Performance Award, Hemispheric Center for Environmental Technology, Florida International University, Oct. 2002 • Honorary Fellow of the Australian Institute of High Energetic Material • Member of the Editorial Board of the Research Bulletin of the Australian Institute of High Energetic Material • Member of the Editorial Board – Energy and Science Technology Journal • Scholarship (Postdoc), CNRS, Orleans, France, 1996 – 1997 • Scholarship (Master and PhD): French/Algerian Governments, 1990 - 1995
• Member – University of Sharjah Executive Research Committee – 2016 • Member – University of Sharjah Research Board, 2016. • Member – Sharjah Education, Science and Technology Center, 2016. • Member and Reviewer – University of Sharjah Energy Plan • University of Sharjah – College of Engineering: ABET Committee member, and Member of the College Council • University of Sharjah – SREE – Chair – ABET Committee, and member of the Faculty Search Committee. • FAU University Member of the University Research Committee 2008 -2009. • College of Engineering and Computer Science - FAU: Chair – Research Committee COECS 2008 -2009 • Member of the College Sustainability Task Force 2010 (Infusing Sustainability in the Engineering Curriculum) - FAU. • Ocean and Mechanical Engineering Department - FAU: Member o ME ABET Review Committee. o Member – ME Academic Affair committee 2008 o Member – ME Undergraduate Committee 2009 -2010 o Member – Ocean and Mechanical Engineering, Chair search committee 2010 • Member – Association of Arabic Universities, Arab League, 2016 • Participant to the German-UAE workshop on Energy and water in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (EWGCC), 2016 • AdHoc ABET Committee – University of Sharjah, 2015-2016 and 2016-2017. • Judge – Think Science competition, Dubai, UAE • Judge for the UAE undergraduate Research Competition, May 2015 • Reviewer for the ASME Journal, Combustion and Flame, Combustion Theory and Modeling, Combustion Science and Technology and Experimental Thermal & Fluid Science Journals • Book Reviewer: Reviewed engineering books o Introduction to Combustion, S. Turns, MacGraw Hill o Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics using Matlab, Cengage Learning o Introduction to Technical Problem Solving Using Matlab, Oxford University Press • Fundamental Engineering Review - review Thermodynamics, Dynamics, and Fluid Mechanics for ME students - Fundamental Engineering Exam • Served as a judge for the State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida • Served as a judge for Broward County Science Fair, Fort Lauderdale • Co-Chair – Renewable Energy Session, Algerian Summer University, July 2012 • Organizer - Algerian Winter University, December 2011 • COMSOL Multi-physics Workshop Organizer – FAU, 2009 and 2011.
New Teaching Approaches: Used new teaching approaches and technologies for high quality instructions: Technology Enhanced Learning: (1) FEEDS (Florida Engineering Education Delivery System was used for delivering graduate and undergraduate courses to student over the internet - distance learning); (2) Web-based simulation and visualization or interactive modules were used to complement student learning achieved through physical laboratories and conventional class room (dynamics, fluid mechanics, CFD); and (3) Citrix System, blackboard and digital writing pad were used for delivering information technology (IT) solutions that enhance and expand the educational experience for engineering students. Assessment Techniques and Technologies: used new web-based assignment and assessment platform (Mastering Engineering and Connect Engineering) for face to face, hybrid and fully online courses. Infusing Sustainability in the Engineering Curriculum: incorporate sustainability concepts in engineering courses (Heat Transfer, and Sustainable Engineering and Eco Design). Academic Service Learning: Incorporated Academic Service Learning in engineering courses. Writing Across Curriculum: student learning trough writing across the Engineering Curriculum Teaching Awards: received several teaching awards • Award for Excellence and Innovation in Undergraduate Teaching, FAU, 2010 • Faculty Honor Fellows Award, 2010 and 2011 • Faculty Assessment Grant Award, 2010 • Academic Service Learning (ASL) STEM Award, 2011 • Faculty Enhancement Award, 2010 • Certificate of Recognition: Commitment and contributions toward helping to build capacity for STEM Academic Service-Learning at FAU, 2011 • Certificate of Recognition: Commitment to student learning trough writing across the Curriculum, 2011
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