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Department Overview

The Department of Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering (SREE) has been at the forefront of Teaching, Research and community service, in short time the Sustainable and Renewable Engineering program has been recognized nationally, regionally and internationally as one of the preeminent Sustainable and Renewable Engineering programs.

The SREE Department has seen record growth in recent years, and with an undergraduate enrollment of over 600+ students, it is the most sought after within the engineering college. New Master and PhD programmes in sustainable and renewable energy engineering will commence in the new academic year 2020/2021.

We are dedicated to prepare our students for their future profession or graduate studies in sustainable and renewable energy fields. Our highly qualified faculty has diverse educational, industrial and research experience, and work actively in most of the principal areas of Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering.

SREE department is providing our graduate engineers with top-rated, professional education in the field of sustainable and renewable energy engineering.  The program is intended to be a leader in providing theoretical knowledge and practices required for the design, development, implementation, and improvement of integrated sustainable energy systems that include people, materials, information and equipment required to generate, store and distribute energy from sustainable and renewable sources.