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SREE Student Club

Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering Club


The Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering Club paves the path towards opportunities in diverse fields. It not only enhances team work, but also develops communication skills, thus providing a strong base preparing students for different workplace environments. It also encourages creative thinking and provides a platform of self-expression, which in turn ignites critical thinking between the members regarding different matters. As a result, members will learn to see things from different perspectives and always think out of the box.


The SREE Department plays an important role in offering students different opportunities for the sake of progressing, excelling, and elevating in the engineering field. It fuels our students with infinite potential, and with the motive of benefiting the society via sustainable and renewable means.


Our department also conducts different educational events and workshops that are beneficial to the knowledge of our students. It also organizes various seminars hosting personals from worldwide companies, organizations, and people with expertise in different fields to be attainable for the students. In return, this opens doors of opportunities for them.


The SREE department and club both go hand in hand creating new experiences for our students. We plant seeds of extraordinary generations, water them with knowledge and skills, and harvest students of promising potentials and futures within four years.


We are always aiming to expand their horizons!