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My experience in the Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management program at the University of Sharjah was positive. The program is very comprehensive as it contained topics from many fields such as industrial design, statistics, circuit, and many others. The courses of the program are comprehensive and properly represent the field. I enjoyed many courses such as Quality Control, Industrial Automation, Manufacturing Processes, Maintenance Planning, Project Management and Facilities planning. I learned many software packages throughout my studies such as Arena, AutoCAD, Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) among others. The faculty members of our department are very cooperative, motivating, and supportive to any or our concerns and needs which helped a lot throughout my journey in the program. I would suggest improvement to the course projects so that they include more practical aspects than theoretical ones. I enjoyed the program such that I’m currently enrolled as a master’s student in Engineering Management which belongs to the IEEM department.
Suad Abdel Halim Omran AlMashni
I think the true decision to continue the higher studies is to go with the MSc in Engineering Management in the University of Sharjah. I discovered a lot of tools in making correct decisions based on scientific studies and analytical process which been learned in the program that helped me a lot in my life. This program with no doubt had extended my knowledge and thought of scientific capability that strengthen my decision to be in correct way in operations management which is my field. Having more than 10 years of experience in Engineering field, this program made me stands correctly on my technical experience to utilize the learned methods and tools in getting this expertise really efficient and valued in my career for my better future. I was one of the 1st batch in the MSC in Engineering Management, I had a lot of support from the academical staffs to transfer their great knowledge and latest international updated knowledge they have, to me in a way that is understandable, clear and to encourage us for research to get more out of the published sciences. The study in this program was robust and interesting, which helped me improving my self confidence in being learning information that not only beneficial in my practical career, but also in researches to enrich my knowledge. I am glad about my choice for of the Engineering management program and recommend going for it; as it is beneficial in most aspects of the engineering field and managerial level. I want to thank the program instructors and special thanks to my supervisors that supported me a lot in my MSc thesis.
Hamed Ahmed Eid Allaham
Enova by Veolia
M.Sc. in Engineering Management at the University of Sharjah opened new horizons for me. It helped me in strengthening not only the theoretical and research background, but also the practical aspects, where many courses were rich with real-life examples, applications and projects. This master program has a unique feature that let you work with people from different engineering backgrounds, where sharing different views made the work more interesting. The master thesis option, which I chose in this program, was a well-structured option in case the master student wants to go for a PhD, as the goal of this option is to produce a high quality research with many publications, which creates from the student a competitive PhD candidate and an excellent researcher. As a master student in the first batch and the first master graduate in this program, it was a great opportunity for me to learn from the most professional instructors and researchers in the University in addition to being supervised by one of the excellent researchers in the department. Personally, I think that joining Engineering Management program was a great and an amazing step in my life
Sadeque HAMDAN
University of Sharjah
I chose Industrial Engineering because it helped me look at ​​things in a different point of view, it always gave you the concept that yes, you can do things in an efficient way because after all IE helps in creating a better system and process, you may wonder what is the limit of IE and be surprised to see that there are no limit. It also provides a very high potential to land a supervisory or managerial role and this program's tend to give its graduates high-earning jobs since in IE, people don't always remain in the same position but tend to get promoted or are assigned to bigger departments and positions
Sami Almasri
Supply Chain Lead, IBM Middle East
Class of 2015
The IEEM department and program was the most amazing touch in my life, and when the feelings are great it is really hard to express it and moreover not knowing from where to start or where to end. But, the only thing I'm certain about is that the IEEM department gave me knowledge and life experience I would never have gotten anywhere else. The professors are marvelous and would treat you like a family. The student activities were beyond exciting and full of surprises. If I sit back asking myself what were the best memories I had, I would without hesitating say the time I spent in the IEEM department .
Tariq Salameh Al-Bluwi
Consultant, The Excellencors - AWRostamani Group
Class of 2015
I never regretted choosing Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management to be my Bachelor degree. It helped me adopt my position quickly and gave me the confidence to share my knowledge with my co-workers. Many of the aspects and terminologies I faced in my daily working days are things that I have experienced before during my university study.
Hebah Al-Hammadi
Development Engineer, Dubai Cable Company
Class of 2015