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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management

College of Engineering
Industrial Engineering & Engineering Management
Study System
Total Credit Hours
134 Cr.Hrs
Fall & Spring
Sharjah Main Campus
Study Mode
Full Time

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management

Program Goals (effective Spring 2018-2019):

The BSc Program in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM) has the following educational objectives: 

  1. Graduates are expected to use modern tools and analytical skills to provide creative, innovative and effective solutions to problems related to industrial engineering and engineering management in a variety of industries.
  2. Graduates are expected to pursue further learning through participation in continuing education and/or graduate studies, and contribute to professional practice.
  3. Graduates are expected to assume leadership roles and  responsibility in diverse positions and act ethically according to socio-cultural norms.
  4. Graduates are expected to possess good interpersonal communication skills and work effectively in a team or individually.  

Student Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of the BSc program in IEEM, graduates will have:

1. An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, management and engineering in identifying, formulating, and solving Industrial           Engineering and Engineering Management problems 
2. An ability to apply engineering design of integrated systems of people, materials, information, facilities and technology, to solve Industrial       Engineering and Engineering Management problems with consideration of health, environment, safety, globalization as well as cultural,           social and economic factors 
3. An ability to communicate effectively with diverse audience. 
4. An ability to recognize and properly deal with professional and ethical responsibilities in engineering situations with consideration of the          impact of engineering solutions in global, economic, environmental, and social contexts. 
5. An ability to work in a team that establishes goals, plans tasks, meets objectives and provides leadership in a collaborative and inclusive           environment. 
6. An ability to design and conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data to draw conclusions using modern Industrial Engineering and           Engineering Management tools. 
7. An ability to acquire and apply new knowledge as needed, using appropriate learning strategies


Study Plan Effective 2016-17 (134 Credits)

Year I, Semester 1 (17 Credits)
Course #TitleCrHrsPrerequisites
0201102Arabic Language3 
0202112English for Academic Purposes3500 TOEFL or 5 IELTS
1420101General Chemistry3 
1420102General Chemistry 1 Lab1Pre/Co: 1420101
1430115Physics 13Pl. Test or 1430106; Pre/Co 14430133
1430116Physics 1 Lab1Pre/Co: 1430115
1440133Calculus 1 for Engineers3Placement Test or 1440098


Year 1, Semester 2 (17 Credits)
Course #TitleCrHrsPrerequisites
0104101Islamic Culture3 
0302160Principles of Management3 
0301150Introduction to Economics (E)3 
0405103Intro. to Ind. Eng. & Eng. Man.1 
1430117Physics 231430115; 1430116
1430118Physics 2 Lab1Pre/Co 1430117
1440161Calculus 2 for Engineers31440133



Year 2, Semester 3 (16 Credits)
Course #TileCrHrs


0202110Speech Communication3


1440211Linear Algebra3


0301215Accounting for Engineers3 
0405221Eng. Probability and Statistics3


0405102Engineering Graphics1


1411113Programming for Engineers3



Year 2, Semester 4 (18 Credits)
Course #TitleCrHrsPrerequisites
0202207Technical Writing30202112
1440261Differential Equations for Engineers31440161
0405202Manufacturing Processes30405102, 0405103, 1420101 for IEEM; 0406302 for ME st.
0405262Database Management and Industrial Information Systems31411113
0402207Applied Electronic Circuits31430117
 0302200Fundamentals of Innovation



Year 3, Semester 5 (16 Credits)
Course #TitleCrHrsPrerequisites
0401301Engineering Economics33rd Year Standing
0405312Operations Research I31440211; 1440261
0405322Engineering Statistics30405221
0405341Ergonomics and Work and Process Improvement4


Pre/Co 0405202

 University Elective 13 


Year 3, Semester 6 (16 Credits)
Course #Title CrHrsPrerequisites
0405361Management for Engineers30301150, 0301215, 0302160
0405323Quality Control and Improvement30405322
0405325Stochastic Simulation40405322, 0405312
0405431Production and Inventory Systems30405221, 0405312
 Department Elective 13 


Year 3, Summer Training (0 Credits)
Course #TitleCrHrsPrerequisites
0405490Practical Training for 6-8 weeks0Completion of at least 90 credit hours


Year 4, Semester 7, Co-op Option I (15 Credits)
Course #TileCrHrsPrerequisites
0405440Industrial Automation30402207; 0405202 
0405442Safety for Engineers30405341 
0405464Project Management30401301, 0405361 
 Department Elective 23  
 University Elective 23  


Year 4, Semester 8, Co-op Option I (16 Credits)
Course #TitleCrHrsPrerequisites
0405432Facilities Planning30405341
0405433Supply Chain Management30405431
0405497Co-op in Industry I1Pre/Co 0202207; senior standing
 Department Elective 33 
 Department Elective 43 
 University Elective 33 


Year 5, Semester 9, Co-op Option I (3 Credits)
0405498Co-op in Industry30405997 and Department Approval


Year 4, Semester 7, Senior Project Option II (16 Credits)
Course #TileCrHrsPrerequisites
0405440IndustrialAutomation30402207; 0405202
0405442Safety for Engineers30405341
0405464Project Management30401301, 0405361
0405491Senior Design Project I1Pre/Co 0202207; Senior Standing
 Department Elective 23 
 University Elective 33 


Year 4, Semester 8, Senior Project Option II (18 Credits)
CourseTitle CrHrsPrerequisites
0405432Facilities Planning30405341
0405433Supply Chain Management30405431
0405492Senior Design Project II30405491 or 0405497
 Department Elective 33 
 Department Elective 43