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Rapidly increasing business competitive environment complexities demand that leaders sharpen skills to manage emerging issues and improve decision-making. The University of Sharjah Doctor of Engineering Management program provided me with the growth opportunity of a lifetime. The program delivers on its goals by providing industry professionals with the technical expertise they need to become applied researchers, skilled engineers, and technology managers. After many years in career leadership and professional roles, the program pushed me to re-focus on shaping new analytic capabilities and gaining technology-driven management insights. The praxis provided me with an opportunity to pursue a real-world industry problem and propose a unique solution. The program offers a truly unique experience to collaborate alongside a diverse cohort with the guidance of experienced instructors.
Eng. Abdulrahman Radaideh
Head of PMO- Sharjah Broadcasting Authority
2021- 2022
I obtained my Master degrees from University of Leeds in the United Kingdom in 2016. I am currently working as an Infrastructure Design Engineer at Jacobs. As a PhD Candidate at the University of Sharjah, I have the opportunity to interact with and learn from many extremely brilliant and well-respected professors. In addition, being in UOS has helped me network with Engineers in the Middle East Engineering Industry. On the other hand, the Professors has influenced me to understand the importance of going deep and be broad when it comes to preparing a research paper, and they showed me a true scholar is a life-long learner who is always modest and curious. I am looking forward to completing my Qualification Examination and start my research journey!
Eihab ElSherbeny
Infrastructure Design Engineer- Jacobs
Being one of the PhD students at University Of Sharjah is such an honor, the structure and faculty of Engineering department at UOS makes my journey extraordinary. The knowledge of the faculty and experience keeps adding massive value in my both carrier and education path. The committee has come with many initiatives to get the students involved and exposed to the international research papers which built a high-level skills student. The facilities that UOS provides the students such as library, classes with least technology, arranging various workshops, and expert faculty. Therefore, I decided to do my PhD in Engineering Management at University Of Sharjah.
Ahmed Rashid AlMulla
EO – The Private Office Of H.H. Shaikh Mohammed Bin Rashid AlMaktoum
Engineer – Fleet Management
The PhD program in Engineering Management at the University of Sharjah contains a lot of high-quality content from a scientific, intellectual and cultural point of view. This university is considered an encouraging and attractive environment, as well as stimulating scientific production. This is due to the availability of research supervisors as well as the cooperation between the college, staff and students. The engineering PhD program is interesting to me, as it offers a lot of local and international knowledge and practices in this discipline. Also, this program has a lot of seminars and group discussions, as well as knowing everyone's opinions on a particular topic or issue. It is really a great learning experience as you exchange knowledge with others and also share experiences.
Shaima Ahmed Al Naqbi
Engineer- SEWA