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Dr.Doraid Dalalah Coordinator of the PhD Program in Engineering Management Academic RankASSOCIATE PROFESSOR


  • PhD., Industrial and Systems Engineering, Lehigh University - USA, 2005

Research Interests:

  • Systems Simulation, Operations research, Decision analysis, Analytics, Maintenance and Reliability


Lehigh University - USA, 2005
Fulltime: 1. Kuwait University, Industrial and Management System Engineering, Associate Prof: Sept. 2014 - Aug. 2018 (end of contract). 2. Jordan University of Science and Technology - Industrial Engineering Department: 2005- Sep. 2014:  Associate Prof.: Sep. 2010-Sep. 2014.  Assistant Professor, Sept. 2005 to Sep.2010. 3. A lecturer in Al-Balqa university-Amman College, Courses: Control, Control Lab, CNC, and Automation, Descriptive Geometry, Oct. 1999- Dec. 2000. Part-time: 4. Assistant professor (part time), Jordan University-Amman, fall 2008-spring 2009, lecturer for Human Factors. 5. Assistant professor (part time), Yarmouk University, Fall/spring 2010, part time lecturer for Operations Management. 6. Part-time Lecturer- Lehigh University- Bethlehem-PA, Summer 2004. Introduction to Manufacturing Processes. 7. Part time lecturer at Delaware valley college –PA -USA, Introduction to PC hardware and AutoCAD, Fall 2004. 8. Part-time Lecturer- Lehigh University- Bethlehem-PA, 2001-2005. Engineering Computing and Numerical Methods. 9. Part-time Lecturer, Lehigh University- Bethlehem – PA- USA, 2002. Manufacturing Lab
1. Vice dean of Students Affairs and Director of King Abdullah II Fund for Development, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Sep. 2012-Sept. 2014. 2. Chairman of Industrial Engineering, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Sep. 2010-Sep. 2012. 3. Assistant Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Sept. 2007-Sep. 2010.
1. Shortage and Outdate Optimization of Red Blood Cells Inventory at Hospitals, 12000US dollars. 2. The design and manufacturing of Omni-Wheel Robot Arm: Funded by Deanship of Research: 8000JD. 1. Data Acquisition Project, Funded by Deanship of Research: 1500JD. 2. Quality Control and Documentation of Foam Making At Bibars Foam Factory . FFF program, 2007, Fund 3700JD 3. Redesign of the Truck Trailer Tank Support System at The Boss Company. The Boss For Truck Trailers . FFF program, 2009, Fund 3700JD 4. Developing and Designing of Adjustable Saw Blade Housing System at Bibars Foam Co. for Minimizing Foam Waste . FFF program, 2009, Fund 3500JD 5. Design and Manufacturing of Foam Mass Cutting Saw Machine . HCST, 2009, Fund 5000JD 6. The Modification of Tank Trailers to Flat Bed and Boxed Bed Trailers. HCST, 2009, Fund 22000JD. 7. Modifying the pneumatic pump in Jordan Cement Factories. JCF
Journal Papers: 1. Doraid Dalalah, Wasfi Al-Rawabdeh, (2017) "Benchmarking the utility theory: a data envelopment approach", Benchmarking: An International Journal, Vol. 24 Issue: 2, pp.318-340, 2. Doraid Dalalah: LSP-Constrained Supply Chains: A Discrete Event Simulation Model. RAIRO – Operations Research 50(1): 1-17 (2016). 3. Majid M. Aldaihani and Doraid M. Dalalah, “Capacitated supply chain: an optimisation model”, Int. J. Logistics Systems and Management, Vol. 24, No. 1, 2016. 4. Doraid Dalalah, Majid Aldaihani, “Retailer Driven Supply Chain With Limited Transportation Capacities and Supply-Demand Market Index”, International Journal of Integrated Supply Management, Vol. 10, issue 2, 2016. 5. Doraid Dalalah; Khaled Alkhaledi. A stochastic non-expected utility for modelling human errors of certainty equivalents. IJADS, 2016, Vol. 9, No. 3. 6. Omar Al-Araidah, Dalalah, D., Azeez, M.A-A. and Khasawneh, M.T. 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Doraid Dalalah, 2009. Piecewise Parametric Polynomial Fuzzy Sets. International Journal of approximate reasoning. Vol. 50, Issue 7, Pages 1081-1096. 28. Doraid Dalalah and Benjamin Lev, Duality of the improved algebraic method (DIAM), Omega 37:1027 (2009). 29. Dalalah, D.; Cheng, L.; Tonkay, G. 2008. Modeling End-to-End Wireless Lossy Channels: A Finite-State Markov Approach, IEEE Transactions on Wireless communications. , Volume: 7, Issue: 4, pp.1236-1243. 30. Doraid Dalalah, Sami Magableh, 2008. A Remote Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Diagnosis of Strep Throat, Telemedicine and EHealth Journal, 14(7): 656-665. 31. Doraid Dalalah, M. T. Hayajneh, 2007. Dynamic neural model for mobile Robot navigation, Neural Network World, Vol. 17, No. 1, pp.65-80. 32. Doraid Dalalah. , Khaldoun Tahboub “Mobile Robot Trajectory Planning Using Neural Networks”, International Journal of Robotics and Automation. Vol. 18, No. 2, 2003. p55. Conference papers: 1. Doraid Dalalah. 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Orlando, Florida, USA, October 15-18, 2011. 7. Stochastic Non-Utility Certainty Equivalents (SNCE) of Decision Making Under Risk and Uncertainty, International Conference on Technology and Business Management, Dubai March 24-26 2014.
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