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Program Coordinator's Welcome

As one of the IEEM programs, the PhD in Engineering Management has been established in 2012/2013. With a first batch of six PhD students in 2013, we are proud to have more than 90 PhD students now. The program focuses on teaching students how to conduct rigorous research in areas such as project management, operations management, process improvement, design, and management within complex human-technological systems. The Doctoral Program in Engineering Management is a distinct academic program that combines rigorous course work with deep immersion in leading-edge research.


The program goals include the development of significant new knowledge while also tackling critical and practical problems in a range of sectors. The program's mission is to produce graduates who can design, assess, improve, and manage complex human technological systems. The program is multi-disciplinary in that it accepts students with a variety of engineering backgrounds and engages PhD supervisors from a variety of engineering fields from all across the college of engineering. In this program, students will also demonstrate their ability to contribute to the body of knowledge in the subject of engineering management through dissertation research and scientific publications.



Once the PhD student completes the core courses, the student is supposed to seek a supervisor who will establish a study plan in consultation with the program coordinator in order to fulfill the remaining requirements. With the different specializations of our IEEM faculty members, different topics can be offered to the students; supply chain management, engineering project management, production systems, IT systems security management, maintenance management, traffic safety, construction management, and energy systems management are among the topics covered in PhD theses.

Upon completion of the PhD, the program is expected to equip the students with advanced research capabilities in the field of engineering management, allowing them to take on leadership responsibilities in both industrial and service businesses as well as government agencies.

We wish you excellent study at UoS and invite you to contact us for any further inquiries.  

Dr. Dorid Dalalah

Associate professor

Coordinator of the PhD Program in Engineering Management.

Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management