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Program Coordinator's Welcome

The PhD in Engineering Management program started in Summer 2012/2013 as a college of engineering program with a first batch of six PhD students and now we have more than 90 PhD students. The program focuses on developing skills needed to conduct rigorous research in areas related to the improvement, design, and management of projects and programs within complex human-technological systems. The Doctoral Program in Engineering Management is a unique academic program that combines rigorous course work with deep immersion in cutting-edge research. The goals are to create important knowledge while addressing significant practical problems in a variety of domains. The philosophy of the program to graduate students who can create, evaluate, improve, design, and manage complex human technological systems. The program is multi-disciplinary in the sense that it admits students from different engineering backgrounds and has faculty members and PhD student supervisors from different engineering disciplines coming from most of the departments of the college of engineering. It is Additionally, students will demonstrate the ability, through dissertation research, to contribute to the body of knowledge in the field of engineering management.

 The PhD theses incorporate several topics, which cover the areas of supply chain management, engineering project management, IT systems security management, maintenance management, traffic safety, construction management, energy systems management, among others. A plan of study and advisory must be created in consulting with a faculty advisor after completion of core courses to complete remaining requirements.

The program provides the students with high-level research skills in the field of engineering management, which allow them to play leadership roles in the industrial/service organizations as well as in the governmental institutions.

I wish you excellent navigation on this website and invite you to contact us for any further inquiries."  

Prof. Khalil Abdelmawgoud
Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies
Coordinator of the PhD Program in Engineering Management.