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"Engineering management PhD program in University of Sharjah has everything: an encouraging environment and motivating atmosphere, expert supervisors, research facilities, and cooperation between college staff. I really enjoy the program and the introduced knowledge of not only about local practices but also the global engineering management practices. There are a lot of seminars and group discussions in the program and it is fascinating to listen to everyone's opinions on a given topic or issue. It is a great learning experience, as you tend to learn more about a topic by discussing it in a seminar group rather than by simply writing a memo".
Eng. Helal Al Sahi
Manager, Parking Services Road and Transportation Authority (RTA), Dubai First intake, PhD Candidate - Engineering Management
"Our life is the fruit of our decisions. Some decisions we love and others we regret. My decision to pursue my Ph. D. with University of Sharjah in the field of Engineering Management is the best decision I ever made. It is adding unique tools to my engineering bag of tools and sharpening my managerial skills. Even though I am half way through the program, it is already opening new paths and challenges to my career. The continuous interactions with the academic staff and the professional students creates an excellent learning environment. All thanks goes to H.H. Dr. Sultan Al-Qassimi Ruler of Sharjah and president of the University of Sharjah for his guidance and continuous support to the university and the program".
Asam Almulla
Manager, Water Department Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority First intake, PhD Candidate - Engineering Management
"As the UAE moves toward diversifying its economy, one of the sectors the country is heavily investing in is the technology sector. Building technology-based economy requires laying the foundations for different types of engineering and technical industries including but not limited to communications, manufacturing, renewable energies, petrochemicals, logistics and technical services. In order to execute the vision of the UAE and meet the goals set by the leadership of the country, there is a high demand for managers with technical backgrounds to lead these industries. Both the undergraduate and the graduate programs of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM) are a good feed for the demand of these technical expertise to lead this government initiative and compliment other types of engineering disciplines. As a PhD candidate, I believe the program attracts all types of engineers at different levels of their careers and facilitates the exchange of experiences and expertise and gives the opportunity to adopt world-class practices that were implemented in different organizations through shared knowledge. The research element at the end of the program provides the opportunity for students to tackle areas that require improvement in their fields. I highly encourage engineers from other disciplines to pursue graduate studies in IEEM if they plan to move towards technical management positions in their careers."
Ahmad Mohamed Bin Adi
CEO, Al Taif Technical Service First intake, PhD Candidate - Engineering Management