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Prof.Hissam Tawfik Academic RankProfessor


  • Artificial Intelligence

Research Interests:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big data, Smart Cities and Health and Biomedical applications of AI


2000, PhD in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Manchester (UK), Department of Electrical Engineering. 1996, MSc in Control and Information Technology, University of Manchester (UK), Department of Electrical Engineering. 1995, BEng (Hons) in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Salford UK.
• 2015 - , Leeds Beckett University, Professor (Artificial Intelligence) • 2009 - 2015, Liverpool Hope University (UK), Associate Professor (Computer Science and Engineering) • 2003 - 2009, Liverpool Hope University (UK), Senior Lecturer (Computer Science and Engineering) • 2000 to 2003, Salford University (UK), Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Computer Science and Engineering)
• Editor: Future generation Computer systems, Elsevier, 2016 - 2021. • Editor: Neural Computing and Applications, Springer, since 2017. • Editor: Reliable Intelligent Environments, Springer, since 2019.
IEEE Senior member; Member of the British Computer Society.
Selected Research Projects 1- A Machine Learning Approach for the Early Prediction of the Risk of Obesity in Young People. 2- Artificial Intelligence based solutions for supporting the diagnosis and management of Dementia. 3- Evolutionary algorithms for the deployment of Unmanned Arial Vehicles for disaster management in Smart cities. 4- A Data Analytics informed approach for Micro Grid based Residential Home Energy Management. 5. Towards Responsible Artificial Intelligence: The design and applications of responsible (e.g. Explainable, trust-worthy, ethical, environmentally-friendly) Artificial Intelligence systems and paradigms
Selected Publications 1. D. Mahoro Ntwari, D. Gutierrez-Reina, S. Toral, H.Tawfik. Time Efficient Unmanned Aircraft Systems Deployment in Disaster Scenarios Using Clustering Methods and a Set Cover Approach, Electronics (MDPI), 10(4), 422, 2021 2. AR Javed, M Sarwar, M Beg, M Asim, T Baker, H Tawfik A collaborative healthcare framework for shared healthcare plan with ambient intelligence. Human-centric Computing and Information Sciences, Springer, V10, No.40, 2020. 3. Y Kotb, I Al Ridhawi I; M Aloqaily, T Baker, Y Jararweh, H Tawfik Cloud-Based Multi-Agent Cooperation for IoT Devices Using Workflow-Nets. Grid Computing; Pp 1-26; June 2019. 4. DG Reina, H Tawfik, SL Toral Multi-subpopulation evolutionary algorithms for coverage deployment of UAV-networks. Ad Hoc Networks Vol.68, pp16-32, Elsevier, 2018. 5. D Tian, J Deng, G Vinod,T Santhosh, H Tawfik A Constraint-based Genetic Algorithm for Optimizing Neural Network Architectures for Detection of Loss of Coolant Accidents of Nuclear Power Plants, Neurocomputing, Vol. 322, pp102-119, Elsevier, 2018. 6. T. Baker, B. Al-Dawsari, Y. Ngoko, H. Tawfik, and D.Reid. “GreeDi: Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm for Big Data on Cloud”. AD HOC Netwoks Journal, Elsevier, Volume 35, Pages 83–96, 2015. 7. H Tawfik and O. Anya, “Evaluating Practice-centred Awareness in Cross-boundary TeleHealth Decision Support Systems”, Telematics and Informatics Journal, Elsevier, Volume 32, pp. 486-503, 2015. 8. H Tawfik, O. Anya, and A. K. Nagar, “Understanding Clinical Work Practices for Cross-boundary Decision Support in e-Health”, IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in BioMedicine”, Volume 16, issue 4, pp530-41, July 2012. 9. R. Ghazali, , A. Hussain, , P. Liatsis, H. Tawfik, The application of ridge polynomial neural network to multi-step ahead financial time series prediction; Neural Computing & Applications, Vol. 17, No. 3., pp. 311-323, June 2008. 10. A. R Soltani, H Tawfik, JY Goulermas & T Fernando. Path planning in construction sites: performance evaluation of the Dijkstra, A* and GA search. Advanced Engineering Informatics, Elsevier, vol.16 (4), pp. 291-303, 2002.
Theses and Projects Supervision 1. Thesis title : Machine Learning Applications for Obesity management, Leeds Beckett University, 2021. 2. Thesis title: Investigating Pilot Responses to In-Flight Startle in Simulator Based General Aviation Training, Leeds Beckett University, 2020. 3. Thesis title: Investigating the Role of Awareness for the Management of Information Systems Security, Leeds Beckett University, 2017. 4. Thesis title: Neural Network design and architecture for predicting short- and medium-term exchange rate time series”, Leeds Beckett University, 2016. 5. Thesis title: A culturally-aware system design approach for Health informatics”, Liverpool Hope University, 2016. 6. Thesis Title: “Designing Context-Aware e-Health Systems for Cross-Boundary Clinical Decision Support: A Practice-Centred Approach”, University of Liverpool, 2013. 7. Thesis Title: “Extending Association Rule Mining”, Liverpool University, 2011. 8. Thesis Title: “Internet Flow Control and Traffic Management Algorithms for Performance and Fairness Guarantees”, G. Abbass, Liverpool University, 2010. 9. Thesis Title: “Bi-directional Two-Handed Interaction in Virtual Assembly Environments “, K. Tan, University of Salford, 2007. 10. Thesis Title: “Multi-objective Intelligent Transportation system in Construction sites“, University of Salford, 2004.
Awarded a full PhD sponsorship by the EPSRC UK research council and Lucas Aerospace (1996-1999)
I strongly believe in the value of research-informed teaching, and actively seek opportunities to reflect my research interests (e.g. Big data, machine learning, AI and their applications). I equally believe that a successful modern curriculum design and teaching should also equip students with ‘high-level’ employability skills such as team-work, initiative-taking, professional attitude and resilience.
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