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It's my pleasure to share my experience as a member of the University of Sharjah PAC, as a supervisor of its interns and as a recruiter of its graduates. A journey I had for more than 10 years. It was clear to me from the first engagement with the university that things are different. From the planning of curriculum updates, to effective communication of objectives, to execution of plans, all the way to enabling students to the market challenges, everything was organized and driven by passion and commitment leading to great outcomes. The university has always been up to speed with continuous development and has always been close to related industries. The outcome of this great effort is seen clearly in their interns and graduates. Many, of which, have been hired by our own organization.
Eng. Mohammad elayyan
Beta Information Technology
"OpenUAE Research & Development Group is the fruitful result of collaboration between Computer Science Department and Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Working with the faculty members and the students in ECE has enriched the learning experience and offered a wide range of teaching and research opportunities. The multidisciplinary knowledge we have gained is richer and the several projects are more engaging and more impactful. "
Dr.Manar Abu Talib
University of Sharjah College of Sciences | Computer Science Dept.
"I am a Master's student in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Alhamdulillah, the University of Sharjah has given me the opportunity to continue my education in a well rounded and cultured environment. I have greatly benefited from my erudite Professors whose guidance encourages me to be au courant in my field. Their focus on research and motivation to contribute to the scientific community provides for a conductive learning experience. "
Sumaiyah Ismail Khan
Master Student in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
"During my study at UOS, I had the chance to study and learn more about the field that I like and got to know a lot of colleagues and professors whom were friendly, nice and helpful and had passion and motivation toward learning and research. Studying in UOS made me confident and provided me with the necessary skills to be a successful engineer."
Mohamad Bassam Al Sabbagh
B.Sc. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
"My studying experience at UOS was one of the greatest in my life as it provided with the knowledge I need to apply in professional life. I learned how to improve my communication skills by participating in many of the non-curriculum activities that are organized by the university. As an Electrical Engineering student, I gained much experience in multiple disciplines from my respected professors. I thank all those who participated in the progress of this department and I wish everyone joining it to thrive in it like me and my colleagues did. "
Baraa Aljelani
B.Sc. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
"As a University of Sharjah graduate from the Department of Electrical & Computer Department, I feel very confident of my abilities as an Electrical Engineer. The balance between theoretical and practical teaching was enough the get the essential knowledge. I have also had many great experiences that within its campus, whether it was working a long night in the labs or attending a social event or even organizing the events as a student club member. Thanks to UOS, as well, I was able also to travel around the world to participate in a student congress which was a lifetime experience. For that, I am grateful UOS."
Ahmed Salhin
Master Student in Electrical and Electronics Engineering