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Prof.Radhi AlZubaidi Director of Continuous Education Center and Professional Development Academic RankProfessor


  • Ph.D., Civil Engineering (Geotechnical Engineering), Strathclyde University, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 1984.

Research Interests:

  • Pressuremeter Testing and Methods of Interpretation.


Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Strathclyde University, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 1984. B.C., Civil Engineering, University of Basra, 1977.
2013-Present: Director for Continuous Education and professional Development. 2013-Present: Professor, College of Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. 2011-2013: Associate professor ,University of Sharjah, College of Engineering ,Civil Engineering Dept. 2004-2011: Head of Projects, Government of Sharjah, Sharjah International Airport Free Zone, United Arab Emirates. 2005-2006: Part Time Lecturing post, American University of sharjah College of Engineering, Civil Engineering Department. 2003-2004: Professor of Civil Eng., Civil Eng. Dept., College of Eng, University of Baghdad. 2001-2003: Professor of Civil Eng., Dean of Engineering College Kufa University-Iraq. 2000-2001: Professor of civil Eng. Dean of Institute of Higher study for Computer and Informatics, Baghdad. 1998-2000: Professor of Civil Eng., Director Manager, Eng. Office,Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Iraq. 1993-1998: Associate Prof., Dean of the Tech. Institute in Baghdad, Iraq. 1987-1993: Assistant professor, Dean of Tech. Institute at Najaf, Iraq. 1985-1987: Lecturer Civil Engineering Dept, Strathclyde University, UK.
• Member of American Society of Civil Engineers • Member of Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society • Paper reviewer of journal of ASCE • Board Committee Member of scientific Society of Engineers-Iraq • Consultant of Iraq Union of Engineers • Member of Society of Engineers- UAE 9 • Member, Committee of Graduate Studies, Ajman University of Science & Technology, UAE. • Member, Graduate Studies Council, Ajman University of Since & Technology, UAE • Member of Ajman Municipality Design Committee for New Roads • Consultant for the Building Research Centre, The Iraqi Scientific Research Council • Member of Curriculum Committee for ministry of Education –Iraq • Head of Curriculum Committee for Technical Education in Iraq • Chairman for postgraduate study and scientific research-Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research • Consultant for the Arabic Union of Technical Education, Lebanon • Member Editorial Board, Euro-Asian Journal of Applied Science
Journal Papers 1- Radhi ,M. AlZubaidi, S,Barakat and S,Toubat(2013) “ Effect of adding brass byproduct on the basic properties of concrete .Construction and Building Material Journal ,No.38 P(236-241) 2-Radhi M AlZubaidi and Sabah H Lafta (2013)“Effect of Strain Rate on the Strength Characteristics of Soil-Lime Mixture” Geotechnical and Geological Engineering Journal.Vol.31,No.4,pp 1317-1327 3-Radhi M AlZubaidi , Kawkab H.S.AlRawi and Ahmed J.AlFalahi (2013).”Using Cement Dust to Reduce Swelling “ Geomechanics and Engineering, An international Journal. Vol. 5, No. 6 (2013) 565-574 4- Radhi M AlZubaidi (2014) ”Different Results in Pressuremeter Theories ”Accepted in Geotechnical and Geological Engineering. Volume 32 ,Number 4 5- Raddi M AlZubaidi (2014) “ A new method for interpreting pressuremeter data to estimate in situ horizontal stress” .Arabian Journal of Geosciences ,Vol.8, issue 7 6- Samer Barakat, Radhi M Alzubaidi and Maher Omer(2014) Probabilistic-Based Assessment of the Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations , .Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Vol 8,issue,8 7- Radhi M Alzubaidi (2017) Recycling of Aluminium by- product waste in the lightweight concrete production for low strength applications .Jordán Journal of Civil Engineering, Vol.11, Issue 1 8. .Radhi, M. Al-Zubaidi, Abdul Ameer, A. and Taha, K. (1990)“Properties of concrete using aluminium residual “ Journal of Engineering and Technology, University of Technology, IRAQ, 1990. 9- Radhi M Alzubaidi (2015) Essential Findings in Pressuremeter Theories, Accepted in Geotechnical and Geological Engineering Journal, Vol.34, No.1, pp155-166 10- Radhi M Alzubaidi (2016) Variations in Pressuremeter Modulus (EM) International Journal of GEOMATE, Vol.10 .Issue .1 (2016). 11- Radhi M Alzubaidi, Kawkab AlRawi and Ahmed AlFalahi (2016) ” COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH FOR SWELLING SOILS REMEDIES “ International Journal of GEOMATE, Oct., 2016, Vol. 11, Issue 26, Geotec., Const. Mat. & Env 12- Radhi M Alzubaidi (2017) “A New Method for In-situ Measurement of a Soil’s Horizontal Coefficient of Consolidation “International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering (IJEE), Vol. 10, No.06 13- Radhi M Alzubaidi (2019) “Effect of Horizontal at Rest Pressure (Po) on Elastic Modulus From Pressuremeter Testing. Geomechnics and Engineering ,An international Journal ,Volume 7 ,Number 3,PP 247-252 14- Deena Badran , Radhi Alzubaidi and Sentilkumar Venkatachalam (2020) BIM based Risk Management for Design Bid Build (DBB) Design Process in the United Arab Emirates –A Conceptual Framework", DOI 10.1007/s13198-020-00993-w, International Journal of System Assurance Engineering and Management. 15- Radhi Alzubaidi and Athra Al-Kanim (2020) Computational Program for Evaluating Pressuremeter Test Results of Clay soil. International Journal of GEOMATE, Jan., 2021, Vol.20, Issue 77, pp. 49-54. Conference Papers: 1.Raddi ,M.AlZubaidi ,2010 “Pressuremeter Testing in Glacial Till “ 1st International Conference on Information Technology In Geo- Engineering (ICITC) Shanghai –China 2- Radhi, M.AlZubaidi and Abdallah Shanableh ( 2012) “Civil Engineering Education In The Arab World – Balancing The Curricula 6th International Forum on Engineering Education (IFEE 2012) , University of Kebangsaan Malaysia 3-Radhi M AlZubaidi ,(2012)” Road Management and Road Maintenance” International Symposium on Sustainable Geosynthetics and Green Technology for Climate Change. Bangkok .Thailand 4. Radhi M AlZubaidi , Kawkab H.S.AlRawi and Ahmed J.AlFalahi (2012) “Effect of Drying and Remoulding on Undisturbed Expansive Soil in Baghdad on Central Asian Geotechnical Symposium, Geo th Swelling Characteristics” The 4 Engineering for Construction and Conservation of Cultural Heritage and Historical Sites - Challenges and Solutions – Samarkand Uzbekistan 5- Radhi M AlZubaidi (2013) “Development of Pressuremeter Test” . 5th International Geotechnical Symposium University of Incheon .Korea. 6 –Radhi M AlZubaidi (2013)” Cement Dust Air Pollution Remedies ‘’.The 3rd Annual International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Sciences (SEES 2014) 24th – 25th February 2014 in Singapore 7- Radhi M AlZubaidi (2015) Part Time Faculty Effect in Engineering Education. 7th International Conference on Engineering Education. University of Sharjah (IFEE2015) 8- Radhi M Alzubaidi (2015) Effect of Changing The Rate Of Rate of Strain of Pressuremeter Testing on Undrained Parameters. 7th International Symposium on Pressuremeter, Tunis (2015) 9- Radhi M Alzubaidi (2016) A New Approach to Reduce Pollution, International Conference on Sustainable Energy, Environment and Information Engineering (SEEIE 2016), Thailand, Bangkok. 10- Radhi M Alzubaidi, Namir AlSaoudi and Jawad Thajeel (2021) Parameters Affecting The Concept of Stone Columns in Soft Clays .International Civil and Architecture conference Singapore (CEAC). 11. Radhi Alzubaidi (2022),” Comprehensive Solutions for Glasgow Boulder Clay with A New Version of Pressuremeter, Geotechnical and Geological Engineering Journal Volume 40, Issue 10 12. Abdelrahman Alhelo, Radhi Alzubaidi and Hamad Rashid, (2023) A Framework Supporting Health and Safety Practices in the United Arab Emirate’s Construction projects. Sustainability ,Volume 15,Issue2. 13. Deena Badran, Radhi AlZubaidi , and Senthilkumar Venkatachalam (2023). Identification of Key Design Phase-Related Risks in DBB Projects in the UAE—Towards Developing a BIM Solution. Sustainability , Vol.15, Issue 6651. 14. Radhi Alzubaidi, Husain M Husain and Samir Shukur (2023) “ Finite Element Analysis of Beam Resting on Footing. International Journal of GEOMATE, Vol. 24, Issue 105, pp.26-32
MSc Projects: 1. Swelling characteristics of Baghdad Soil with some proposed remedies, 1993. 2. Effect of strain rate on strength of Aljadiriya soil-cement, 1994. 3. Pressure meter theories in clay testing, 1996. 4. Theoretical concepts of stone columns in soft clay, 1996. 5. Analysis of unreinforced concrete beams on soil by finite elements ,1997. 6. The use of cement dust to reduce swelling, 1999. 7. Evaluation of undrained shear strength and the at rest horizontal total pressure from pressure meter test ,2001. 8. Effect of strain rate on strength of Alrustamia soil stabilized with cement dust 2000. 9. Effect of strain rate on Altalibia soil stabilized with lime. 10. Expansive soils and their effect on shear strength 2001. 11- Effect of delay testing with pressure meter on consolidation properties 2002. 12- Theories of Pressure meter testing 2012. PhD Projects: 1-Soil structure interaction of soft clay, 2000. 2- Finite element evaluation of pressure meter results, 2002. 3-Iconographic Architecture of Dubai as Signs and Symbols (Wolverhampton University UK starting Dec.2009). 4- Globalization and Architectural Development Behavior in United Arab Emirates (Wolverhampton University UK starting Jan 2010). 5- Development of a Risk Management Framework in a Building Information Modelling Enabled Design Process in the United Arab Emirates Projects (2020 University of Sharjah). 6- Two PhD students now under my supervision.
• Award of Iraqi Scientist 2001, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Iraq. • Award for the Best Academic Faculty ,1998, Foundation of Technical Education. • Award for the " Excellent Practical Research " 1995, Foundation of Technical Education. • Award of young Researcher, City University 1982, UK. • Research Award University of Sharjah 2015.
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