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Prof.Samer A. Barakat Academic RankProfessor


  • Ph.D., Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering), University of Colorado at Boulder, USA, 1994.

Research Interests:

  • Structural Optimization and Reliability.


Ph.D., Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering),The University of Colorado, Boulder, U.S.A., 1994. M.Sc., Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering), Jordan University of Science and Technology, Irbid, Jordan, 1989. B.Sc., Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering), Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan, 1984.
University of Sharjah: Professor in Civil Engineering from January 2011 to present. Associate Professor in Civil Engineering from September 2007 to April 2011. Associate Professor in Civil Engineering from August 2000 to September 2006. Assistant to Dean in College of Engineering from February 2006 to Sept. 2006 Jordan University of Science and Technology: Lecturer in the Civil Engineering Department, 1994. Assistant Professor, 1994-1999. Associate Professor in Civil Engineering from August 1999 to March 2007. Professor in Civil Engineering from March 2007 to present. Chairman of Civil Engineering Dept. from September 2006 – September 2007.
Membership of the Jordan Engineering Association (1984-present).
• Tarabin, Mohamed, et al. "Experimental and probabilistic analysis of the crack propagation in fiber reinforced concrete." Engineering Failure Analysis (2023): 107388. • Altoubat, Salah, Mohamed Maalej, Nadia Nassif, and Samer Barakat. "Punching shear behavior of RC slabs incorporating macro-synthetic fibers." Journal of Building Engineering 67 (2023): 105983. • Alotaibi, Emran, Nadia Nassif, and Samer Barakat. "Data‐driven reliability and cost‐based design • optimization of steel fiber reinforced concrete suspended slabs." Structural Concrete (2023). • Karzad, Abdul Saboor, Mohamed Ali Khalil, Abdulrahman Mostafa Mohamed, and Samer Barakat. • "Modeling the shear capacity of externally bonded fiber reinforced polymer strengthened beams by artificial neural network." International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering 20, no. 1 (2023): 1-14. • Ahmat, Khaled, Samer Barakat, Salah Altoubat, and Mohamad Alhalabi. "Probabilistic assessment of ACI 318 minimum thickness requirements for two-way slabs." Australian Journal of Structural Engineering 24, no. 2 (2023): 136-148. • Leblouba, Moussa, Abdul Saboor Karzad, Sami W. Tabsh, and Samer Barakat. "Plated versus Corrugated Web Steel Girders in Shear: Behavior, Parametric Analysis, and Reliability-Based Design Optimization." Buildings 12, no. 12 (2022): 2046. • Junaid, M. Talha, Ahmed Shweiki, Samer Barakat, Mohamad Alhalabi, and Omar Mostafa. "Flexural characterization and ductility assessment of small-scale mortar beams reinforced with 3D-printed polymers." In Structures, vol. 45, pp. 1751-1761. Elsevier, 2022. • Samer Barakat, Mohammad AlHamaydeh, "Preliminary Design of Seismic Isolation Systems Using Artificial Neural Networks," International Journal of Neural Networks and Advanced Applications, vol. 9, pp. 12-17, 2022 • Leblouba, Moussa, Mohamad Taklas, and Samer Barakat. "Concrete-concrete shear friction behavior under cyclic loading: Laboratory test, mathematical modeling, and code provisions." In Structures, vol. 45, pp.1667-1687. Elsevier, 2022. • Awad, Raghad, Samer Barakat, Moussa Leblouba, Salah Altoubat, and Mohamed Maalej. "Reliabilitybased design of fiber reinforced concrete slabs-on-ground in flexure as per ACI 360." In Structures, vol. 39, pp. 207-217. Elsevier, 2022. • Leblouba, Moussa, Samer Barakat, Salah Altoubat, Mohamed Maalej, and Raghad Awad. "Resistance factors for reliability based-design of fiber reinforced concrete suspended slabs in flexure." Journal of Building Engineering 57 (2022): 104911. • Leblouba, Moussa, Salah Altoubat, A. S. Karzad, Mohamed Maalej, Samer Barakat, and Abdulrahman Metawa. "Impact response and endurance of unreinforced masonry walls strengthened with cement-based composites." In Structures, vol. 36, pp. 262-279. Elsevier, 2022. • Taklas, Mohamad, Moussa Leblouba, Samer Barakat, Ahmed Fageeri, and Firass Mohamad. "Concrete-toconcrete shear friction behavior under cyclic loading: experimental investigation," Scientific Reports 12, no. 1 (2022): 9451. • Barakat Samer, Mohamad Alhalabi, Omar Mostafa, and Ibrahim Haj Fattouh. "Size Optimization of Truss Structures Using Calibrated Shuffled Complex Evolution Algorithm." Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering 16, no. 4 (2022). • Alotaibi, Emran, Nadia Nassif, Mohamad Alhalabi, Humam Al Sebai, and Samer Barakat. "Numerical investigation on redundancy of bridges with AASHTO I-girders." Bridge Structures 17, no. 1-2 (2021): 41-50. • Ibrahim, Basil, Moussa Leblouba, Salah Altoubat, and Samer Barakat. "Shear strength of externally Ubonded carbon fiber-reinforced polymer high-strength reinforced concrete." Materials 14, no. 13 (2021): 3659. • Leblouba, Moussa, Sami W. Tabsh, and Samer Barakat. "Reliability-based design of corrugated web steel girders in shear as per AASHTO LRFD." Journal of Constructional Steel Research 169 (2020): 106013.
12 at UOS and 9 Master Thesis at JUST
1. Recipient, University of Sharjah outstanding research award sponsored by Bank of Sharjah “Reliability based risk index for the design of reinforced earth structures”. 2. Best Research Group (Group coordinator)– 4th Annual Scientific Research Forum – 2008. 3. Recipient of annual faculty incentive awards in the field of research for the year 2009/2010 4. Recipient of annual faculty incentive awards in the field of research for the year 2014/2015
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