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Department Overview

The Civil and Environmental Engi­neering Department aspires to be a regional leader in Civil Engineering education, research, and community service with special focus on the needs of the United Arab Emirates.

The Civil and Envi­ronmental Engineering Department is to support the needs of the UAE community and the region through providing quality educational pro­grams, contributing to the discov­ery and application of knowledge through research, and serving the community and the Civil Engineer­ing profession.

The Civil Engineering Program at the University of Sharjah will produce graduates who: 

  1. Are prepared​ to practice the civil engineering profession responsibly for the benefit of the community. 
  2. Will achieve, upon few years of practice, levels of technical knowledge and professional expertise necessary for career advancement and assuming leadership positions in the Civil Engineering profession. 
  3. Will pursue scientific inquiry and lifelong learning opportunities, such as self- directed learning, graduate studies, participation in professional activities, and continuing education.