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Prof.Emad S. Mushtaha Chair Academic RankProfessor


  • Dr. Eng., Urban and Environmental Engineering, Hokkaido University, Japan, 2006.

Research Interests:

  • Architectural / Urban Management, Building Environment, Environmental Psychology and User Behavior


• Dr. Eng., Urban and Environmental Engineering, Hokkaido University, Japan • M. Eng., Urban and Environmental Engineering, Japan • B.Sc. in Architectural Engineering, IUG, Palestine
• 2013- Now: Assistant Professor, Department of Architectural Engineering, University of Sharjah, UAE. • 2007-2012: Assistant Professor, Department of Architectural Engineering, Ajman University, UAE. • 2006-2007: JSPS Post-doc, Urban and Environmental Engineering, Hokkaido University, Japan.
• Member of Architectural Institute of Japan, (AIJ-0405006). • Member of the World Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies (WSSET) • Member of Society of Building Science Educators (SBSE), UK • Member of International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA),UK • Member of Sustainable Engineering Asset Management (SEAM), UoS, UAE • Member of Association of Engineers, Gaza City (NO.3097)
• Competitive Research Grant No.15020404007-P, Improvement of walkability as a prerequisite for sustainability at university of Sharjah, College of Research and Graduate Studies, University of Sharjah. • SEED Research Grant No.140451, Mosque typology and its thermal performance, energy consumption, Sharjah city as a case study, College of Research and Graduate Studies, University of Sharjah. • Grant Research No. JSPS/FF1/70, Improvement of built environment for the elderly people in Japan, Hokkaido University, Japan
Mushtaha, E. et all, (2017), Lighting Impact on Vandalism in Hot Climates: The Case of Abu Shagara Vandalised Corridor in Sharjah, Sustainability, In-Print Mushtaha, E., (2017), Qualitative study on urban morphology and vandalism in multi-story housing projects, Ajman city as a case study, International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development (IRSPSD), 5 (3), Japan. Mushtaha, E., Hamid, F. (2017), Review on vandalism and mathematical models for visibility and accessibility in housing districts, Sharjah city as a case study, Open House International Journal, 42(1), July, UK. Mushtaha, E., Helmy, O. (2017), Impact of building forms on thermal performance and thermal comfort conditions in religious buildings in hot climates: a case study in Sharjah city, International Journal of Sustainable Energy, 36 (10), UK. Mushtaha, E. et al., (2016), Effect of using different light pipe parameters on the daylight quality in buildings: the case of Jordan, International Journal of Green Energy, UK. Mushtaha, E., Hamid, F., (2016), The Effect on vandalism of perception factors related to housing design- the case of U.A.E Cities, Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering (JAABE), 15(3), Japan. Mushtaha, E. (2015), Evaluating daylight performance of Sharjah Archaeology Museum (SAM) in UAE with a reference of Kuwait National Museum (KNM) in Kuwait, Journal of Civil Engineering and Urbanism (JCEU), 5(6), 265-271. Mushtaha, E., Mori, T., Masamichi, E., (2012), The Impact of passive design on building thermal performance in hot and dry climate, Open House International Journal, 37(3), UK. Hamid, F., Arar, M., Mushtaha, E., (2011), Urban form types and some related social problems of multi-storey housing in Britain and the Gulf, The Iraqi Journal of Architecture, Volume 22-24, ISSN:1999-1738, October, Iraq. (In Arabic) Mushtaha, E., Arar, E., (2011), House typology from Adjacency Diagram Theory to Space Orientation Theory, International Journal of Civil & Environmental Engineering (IJCEE-IJENS), 11 (2), pp.68-74. Mushtaha, E., Arar, E., Hamid, F. (2010), Assessment Tools: Mathematical factorial and adjacency distribution theory for housing typology, International Journal of Architectural Research (Archnet-IJAR), 4 (1), USA. Mushtaha, E., Noguchi, T. (2006), Evaluation and development of housing design, Journal of Architecture and Planning, V.605, pp.23-30, Japan. Mushtaha, E., Noguchi, T., Masamichi. E., (2005), Design strategies for the residences in Gaza City, Journal of Technology and Design, V.22, pp.363-368, Japan Mushtaha, E., Noguchi, T. (2005). Architectural and physical characteristics of indigenous Gaza’s houses, Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering (JAABE), 4(1), pp.97-104, Japan. Mushtaha, E., Masamichi, E. Mori, T. (2005), Sustainable Design for the Residences in Gaza City, Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering (JAABE), 4(1), pp.271-278, Japan. Noguchi, T., Nobuaki, T., Mushtaha, E. (2005), Environmental design for the elderly and disabled people, Journal of Snow Engineering, 21(4) pp.117-118, Japan. Reem A. Nassif, Eman J. Alzaabi, Arwa A. Aljunaibi, Emad S. Mushtaha, (2017), Daylighting in educational buildings: its effects on students and how to maximize its performance in the Architectural Engineering Department of The University of Sharjah, 3rd International Sustainable Buildings Symposium, 15 – 17 March 2017, Dubai – UAE. Mahmood Abu Ali , Amar Abdulkareem, Ali Kareem, Emad Mushtaha, (2017), Acoustics treatment for university halls, 3rd International Sustainable Buildings Symposium, 15 – 17 March 2017, Dubai – UAE. Emad Mushtaha, Sondos Jarah, Nour Tahmaz, (2017), Retrofitting residential buildings in the University of Sharjah, International Conference on Advances in Sustainable Construction Materials & Civil Engineering Systems (ASCMCES-17), Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, 18 – 20 April Nour Tahmaz, Ranime Nahle, Mohammed Al Kadry, Emad Mushtaha, (2017), Designing guidelines for Metro Stations in Hot Climates, 5th United Arab Emirates Undergraduate Research Competition, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 8th May. Mushtaha, E., (2015), Status of international sustainable campuses improvement of walkability as a prerequisite for sustainability at University of Sharjah, Quality Assurance in Engineering Education Jointly with 3rd Towards Sustainable Development (3rd TSD2015) Conference Sustainable Development in Engineering Education, Research and Practice, 17-19 March, University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE. Mushtaha, E., (2014). Thermal performance of mosque architectural forms and its impacts on indoor temperature and thermal comfort, Sharjah as a case study, The 14th International Conference on Construction Applications of Virtual Reality in Construction, 16-18 November, University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE. Mushtaha, E., (2013), Education for sustainable architecture at AU, 6th Ajman International Urban Planning Conference- City and Security, 11-14 March, Ajman University, UAE Salameh, M., Mushtaha, E., (2010), Challenges and opportunities of using e- learning system in architectural curriculums-Ajman University as a case study, Proceedings of ICERI2010 Conference, 15-17 November, International Association of Technology, Education and Development (IATED), Madrid, Spain. ISBN: 978-84-614-2439-9. Mushtaha, E., (2007), Housing patterns and priority hypothesis, The 2nd International Engineering Conference on Construction and Development, 18-19 June, The Islamic University, Gaza, Palestine Mushtaha, E., Noguchi, T., Abualqumboz, M. (2005), Systematical evaluations of housing planning and design, Proceedings of Human Settlement and Housing Development under Urbanization Process, 5th China Urban Housing Conference, Hong Kong. Mushtaha, E., Noguchi, T. (2004), Study on characteristics of spatial distribution of Gaza’s historical houses and standardizing interior spaces for future planning, Proceedings of 5th International Symposium Interchanges in Asia, Matsue, Japan. Mushtaha, E., (2004), Extension of architectural and cultural distribution of pre-on-post-British mandate’s houses in Gaza City, Proceeding of AIJ Hokkaido Chapter, Research Meeting 77, Sapporo, Japan. Mushtaha, E., Masamichi, E., Hirofumi, H., and Mori, T. (2003), Feasibility study for green architecture in temperate regions (Gaza Case), Proceedings of 1st International Conference on Engineering and City Development, Gaza, Palestine.
I have supervised over 70 undergraduate theses , around 500 architectural design projects in several design classes, and 1 Master thesis with a title of: Application of AHP in Assessing Sustainability of Heritage and Modern Buildings in UAE, student name: Sara Ahmed Abdouli.
• Winning project, Sharjah Sustainability Award, Category: Assessment Scientific Research, UoS. • Best paper presentation at ISBS2017, BUiD in UAE. • Supervised Best undergraduate research, Award of Sharjah Islamic Bank (SIB), UoS, UAE. • Supervised Best undergraduate theses, 2009-2011, AU, UAE. • Supervised the Winning Project for Sustainable Design, UPC at Abu Dhabi Municipality.
• Urban and architectural design consultancies for the University of Sharjah and Sharjah Government. • Scientific Juror for many architectural and scientific competitions. • Member in University Sustainability Committees of (Energy, Planning, and Teaching and Learning) • Coordinator for many international exchange programs at AE Dept. programs, UoS and AU. • Member of organizing and scientific committees for many Int’l and local conferences.
Improving education in architectural avenues, where science and art are merged, is a challenging task. “Inspire to Empower” is my philosophy that reflects whom I am and what I believe in. My goal in this business is to make a difference in students’ thoughts to always think “Out of the Box” and help students to develop the skills required for lifelong learning. I can say after ten years in academia, I’m still interested in teaching and learning from my students. Having taught several courses, my experience in urban design, sustainable architecture, and architectural design studios can be checked in the following links: • Mushtaha’s Portfolio: • Architectural Studio-Design IV:
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