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“A great place to receive a high quality education and develop a sense of creativity” “ While working as an intern, I received a great feedback from the company on my work and knowledge that I gain at the Department of Architectural Engineering”
AE Department
"In this department, we experience the merge of Design, Architectural theories, and Engineering practice that helps us cope with the rapid changing world and market." "We gained the understanding of Human needs, abilities of creating competitive Designs, and the knowledge to make buildings stand up." "I was a key founder of our students association, SASA in 2008. The association helped motivate students, and create a socially energetic environment, making it one of the most active association in the whole university."
Ali Tehami
AE Department
I enjoyed my time at UoS. The professors were supportive and encouraged us to produce realistic projects. They came from diverse international backgrounds and it was always exciting to learn different things from each professor. The university provided international internship opportunities and supported extra-curricular activities. We organized a multitude of events and international trips to Munich, Tokyo, and Barcelona. After graduation, our degree allowed us to pursue further education internationally as some of my fellow alumni did. I recommend this program to anyone seeking a balanced education suited for the local environment and market.
Ahmed Latif
Architect at Architectural Conversation Department
Class of 2014