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Program Coordinator's Welcome

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Chemical and Water Desalination Engineering (CWDE) program under our College of Engineering. This program is the first, unique and niche in the area of Chemical Engineering and water desalination.  The program has been established to serve The United Arab Emirates particularly and the worldwide globally by graduating a knowledge and high skill Chemical and Water Desalination Engineers.  UAE is part of a highly water-stressed region as the Gulf States do not have any rivers, rainfall is minimal, and whatever groundwater is left has been running out. All of this makes desalination the only viable option to supply the country with stable and sustainable access to long-term freshwater, while at the same time coping with a population that is continuing to grow and is about to cross 10 million.

Water security is one of the major strategies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  It is among the lowest per capita natural freshwater resources (NWR) in the world, while among the highest per capita water consumption. Achieving a sustainable water supply is among the highest priority in the UAE. Being a water-scarce country closing to the seaside is a blessing to secure freshwater resources through advanced desalination technologies. The vast desalination infrastructure in the high water-scarce country provides sustainable water resources that needed to secure their national life and support a wide range of domestic, industrial, commercial, and agriculture activities. 

UAE's is dependent heavily on desalination technologies to meet the growing water demand.  With minimal alternatives resources to access water resources, UAE continues to expand its existing desalination plants and build up new plants to meet the requirement of economic development. This development is combined with government-led efforts to reduce water per capita usage, adopt new water desalination technologies, and simplify water and energy production by integrating government agencies. With over 70 desalination plants, the daily production of desalinated water is around 1,585 million imperial gallons per day (MIGD) with the annual desalinated water production of about 435,387 million imperial gallons, indicating 72 % of the capacity utilization accounting for 14% of the overall desalinated water production in the world.  For that, the water industry in UAE is one of the most advanced and complex systems in the world and the United Arab Emirates ranks second after Saudi Arabia in terms of the amount of production of desalinated water. These plants need highly qualified specialized chemical engineers in the specific needs of the water desalination industry. However, there is no undergraduate program locally or worldwide that graduated qualified Chemical Engineers specialize in Water Desalination.

The B.Sc. in Chemical and Water Desalination Engineering (CWDE) Program aims to help redress this imbalance by preparing undergraduates with advanced knowledge and skill-base who will be ready for industry roles in the field of chemical and water desalination engineering.  The B.Sc. in Chemical and Water Desalination Engineering (CWDE) Program is a unique program in providing specialist knowledge on Chemical Engineering and its specialty in the critical topics of advanced water treatment, water engineering, desalination systems including thermal and membranes technologies. Graduate students from this program will develop strong knowledge and technical skills in this field.
Prof. Mohd Sobri Takriff

Program Coordinator