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Graduate Career Opportunities

The Chemical and Water industry in UAE is one of the most advanced systems in the world and the United Arab Emirates ranks second after Saudi Arabia in terms of the amount of producing desalinated water. Many specialized seawater desalination plants are built on the territory of the UAE. Thus, the desalination plant is a vivid example of implementation of the advanced and environmentally responsive high technologies. For instance, desalination plants need high qualified specialized engineers. However, there are no qualified engineers specialists in Chemical related to Water Desalination Engineering. The proposed undergraduate program addresses the local and regional needs triggered by rapid water engineering industry expansion and the current and future plans for Chemical and Water Desalination Engineering in the UAE and globally. Therefore, graduates from the program will have promising futures and better job opportunities. There is a real need for expert and quality personnel recruitment in order to safeguard and continue the technological advantage that exists in the chemical engineering-related water technology fields. In the years, UOS has developed strong links with government and private businesses and industries in the UAE and overseas.