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Students Projects

Spring 2018-2019

Mechanical Engineering Senior Design projects
  • Design and fabrication of water pumping system with different pumping configurations prototype.
  • Design and fabrication of solar chimney boiling system prototype
  • An investigation into the distribution of acceleration on the seat pan and backrest of a vehicle seat
  • Study and Demonstration of the stack effect in high rise buildings (including prototype)
  • Design of a walking-like exercise machine for seated people
  • Design and implement a Wind-Piezo energy harvester
  • Design and implement a transportation Drone/robot
  • Design and implement a 3D Printer
  • Alloy Design of porous Al-TiC composite: DOE approach
  • Carbon dioxide capture and utilization for energy conversion and storage applications
  • Design of ball milling machine
  • Control for Ball Mill Machine
  • A Study of the effect of extended surfaces on heat transfer in heat exchanger tubes

Nuclear Engineering Senior Design projects
  • A Thermal Neutron Imaging System for Cultural Heritage Research
  • Fog Density Measurement using a Nuclear Gauging System
  • Design of a Multipurpose Back Scattering Gamma Gauge
  • Performance of Nano-fluids as a Coolant in PWR
  • Investigation of Contamination in Food Products in UAE
  • Application of Accident Tolerant Fuel in APR1400
  • Conceptual Design Study of a Lead-Cooled Micro Modular Reactor (LMMR)

Fall 2018-2019

Mechanical Engineering Senior Design projects
  • Formation of amorphous FeCu Compound through Mechanical Alloying: DOE application.
  • Analysis of Conjugate Heat Transfer in Microchannel Gas Flow
  • The Pressure Drop in Coiled Pipes
  • Rear Axial for Electric Vehicle
  • Designing and building a bench size desalination unit for demo purposes
  • Body and Rear Suspension for Electric Vehicle

Nuclear Engineering Senior Design projects
  • Spent Nuclear Fuel Jets Engine for Space Applications (SNFJE)
  • Age Determination Using Radiocarbon Dating Technique

Spring 2017-2018

Mechanical Engineering Senior Design projects
  • Developing Bio-Diesel Fuel from Different Feed-stocks for Diesel Engines.
  • Power Generation using cars speed breaker with Auto street light system.
  • Vibration transmitted to the hand-arm system from power tools: effect of misuse.
  • Fabrication of nanofiber TiC/B reinforced Al Alloy.
  • Powerless mechanical elevator.
  • Biodynamic response to horizontal whole-body vibration.
  • Fabrication of Metal Carbide Layer CDI Electrodes to Enhance Water Desalination.
  • Designing and Developing a Bio-Alcohol Fuel Production System.
  • Design of Perforated Piping System for a hydroponic garden.
  • Development of Capacitive Deionization Unit Cell for Water Desalination.
  • Smart wheelchair.
  • Design and implement an automatic doorstop that prevents injuries.
  • Developing Additives for the Bio-Diesel Fuel.

Nuclear Engineering Senior Design projects
  • A Low-Cost Neutron Radiography System using Fast Neutron Imaging.
  • Radioactivity investigation of aerosols and water in Sharjah.
  • Radioactivity analysis of water samples.
  • Measurement of Total neutron cross section using D-D neutron generator.
  • Efficient physics based uncertainty quantification for coupled Multi-physics nuclear reactor calculations.

Fall 2017-2018

Mechanical Engineering Senior Design projects
  • Fire Fighting Mobile Robot.
  • Convective Heat Transfer in a Pressure-Driven Gaseous Flow in  Micro-channels.
  • Gear Box and Braking System for the Electric Vehicle.
  • Effect of the feet separation, gender, and vibration magnitude on the force transmitted to the body and on the motion of the head under vibration.
  • Electric Vehicle (Suspension and Steering Systems).
  • Corrosion behavior of Martensitic Stainless Steel.

Nuclear Engineering Senior Design projects
  • Passive Cooling System for Small Modular Reactors: An Experimental and Computational Case Study
  • Point Defects in Uranium Mono-nitride: First Principles Calculations
  • Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis of Emergency Core Cooling System (ECCS) in case of Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA)