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Chair's Welcome

Welcome to the Department of Oral and Craniofacial Health Sciences, College of Dental Medicine, University of Sharjah.

In the Department we aim to provide a stimulating and enjoyable study environment for our dental students to engender a desire for life long education. This environment is created through a team of excellent educators with various teaching and research backgrounds across a wide range of disciplines.

Our curriculum is delivered  in a problem-based learning approach as well as formal lectures with great emphasis on contextual learning of relevant scientific information throughout the program. The Department offers dynamic and innovative learning and teaching opportunities across two main streams.

These major streams are the basics of dental practice: Human Biology and Dental Health Sciences.

The Human Biology stream aims to provide an overview of the biology of the human species, a basic knowledge of classical and molecular genetics, and an introduction to the anatomy of the human body at the gross and histological levels. At the second level, this stream includes topics related to human structure and function, anatomy of the head and neck and, neuroanatomy. This leads to the third level of this stream that includes topics dealing with the nature and causes of human disease and their manifestation at the cellular, organ and clinical levels.

The Dental and Health Science stream emphasizes the scientific basis of dentistry and covers oral anatomy, preventive dentistry, and the dentist-patient relationship. It also covers oral histology and embryology, oral biochemistry, dental occlusion, masticatory function and disorder, human growth and development, and orthodontics. Dental and Health Science covers aspects of pharmacology, medicine and surgery related to Dental Practice.

These streams are integrated and form the basis for each PBL case. This occurs concurrently with the development of clinical skills in various technical and clinical areas of dentistry, which begins from day one in Dental Clinical Practice stream. The faculty in our Department therefore contribute to both basic dental sciences and clinical educ​at​ion.

Prof. Sausan Al Kawas ,DDS,MSc, PhD,FICD
Head of Department of Oral & Craniofacial Health Sciences.H
Head of Internship & Residency Programs