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DrSaaid Ayesh Al Shehadat Academic RankAssistant Professor


  • Conservative Dentistry (Endodontics)

Research Interests:

  • Stem Cell and Dental Tissue Engineering, Clinical Endodontics, Aesthetic Dentistry


- 2014: Ph.D in Conservative Dentistry/ Dental Tissue Engineering), Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia. - 2000: Dip (Conservative), High Studies Diploma in Endodontics & Operative Dentistry, Damascus University. Graduated with very good stand. - 2000: Specialization registration certificate in Endodontics and Operative 
 Dentistry, ministry of health, Syria. - 1997: DDS, Damascus University, graduated with very good stand.
•Feb 2016 till present: Assistant Professor in Conservative Dentistry, University of Sharjah, UAE. •Oct 2014- Feb 2016: Endodontist and Senior Lecturer, Conservative Department, School of Dental Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysiay, Kelantan, Malaysia. •Sep 2011- Feb 2014: Clinical tutor in the conservative department (Endodontics+ 
Operative), School of Dental Sciences– Universiti Sains Malaysiay, Malaysia
 •Aug 2001- May 2010: Endodontist and Specialist in Operative Dentistry, Abha city, MOH, Saudi Arabia. •Aug 1997 – Aug 2001: Private Clinic, Dummar, Damascus, Syria.
- Editorial Board Member for Journal of Clinical Dentistry and Oral Health since July 2017. - Editorial Board Member for Journal of Dental Treatment and Oral Care (JDTO) since April 2017. - Editorial Board Member for EC Dental Science Journal. Since January 2018. - Reviewer Board Member for: Annals of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences since July 2017. - Reviewer Board Member for: Dentistry Journal (OMICS Publishing Group) since September 2015. - Reviewer Board Member for: European Journal of Dentistry (EJD) since April 2017. Reviewer Board Member for: European Journal of General Dentistry (EJGD) since April 2017.
Assessment and Examination Committee, 2018-2019. - Continuing Education and Professional Development Program. - AC Accreditation Canada Implementation Committee. The Malaysian Society of Human Genetics, 2012. The Science Advisory Board, 2012. The Malaysian Dental Council, 2011. The Saudi Commission for Health Specialist, 2002. The Syrian Community of Endodontics, 2000. The Syrian Dental Association, Damascus branch, 1998.
The quality of Root Canal Preparation in Canals prepared using XP-Endo Shaper System and One Curve System: A Comparative Micro-CT study”. - SEM Investigation of Human Amniotic Membrane as a Potential Stem Cell Carrier in Prepared Root Canals of Human Extracted Teeth. - Evaluation of the Root and Canal Morphology of Mandible First Permanent Molar by Cone- 
 Beam Computed Tomography.
Saaid Al Shehadat, Mehmet Omer Gorduysus, Suzina Sheikh Abdul Hamid, Nurul Asma Abdullah, Abdul Rani Samsudin, Azlina Ahmad, “Optimization of scanning electron microscope technique for amniotic membrane investigation: A preliminary study” European Journal of Dentistry (2018), 12(4): 574-578.  - Hasan Subhi, Fazal Reza, Adam Husein, Saaid Ayesh Al Shehadat, and Asma-Abdullah Nurul, "Gypsum-Based Material for Dental Pulp Capping: Effect of Chitosan and BMP-2 on Physical, Mechanical, and Cellular Properties," International Journal of Biomaterials, vol. 2018, Article ID 3804293, 7 pages, 2018.  - Somaia Salah Meligy, Saaid Ayesh Al Shehadat, AR Samsudin. “Hyperbaric oxygen therapy: a review of possible new era in dentistry” Journal of Dental Health Oral Disorders & Therapy (2018), 9(2):174‒179. - Saaid Al Shehadat, “Smear layer in endodontics: role and management” Journal of Clinical Dentistry and Oral Health (2017), 1(1).   - Saaid Ayesh Alshehadat, Mohamad Syahrizal Halim, Koh Carmen, Chew Shi Fung. “The stamp technique for direct Class II composite restorations: A case series” Journal of Conservative Dentistry (Vol 19, Issue 5, Sep-Oct 2016). - Saaid Ayesh Alshehadat, Htun, AungThu, Suzina, Sheikh Abdul Hamid, Asma Abdullah Nurul, Samsudin, Abdul Rani & Azlina, Ahmad. “Scaffolds for Dental Pulp Tissue Regeneration: A review” International Dental & Medical Journal of Advanced Research (Vol 2, 1-12, 2016).
US – Patent Application No 16/169,267 for “A Needle for Extracting Endodontic Separated Instruments” in the name of University of Sharjah
Best SEM micrography (life science category) in the 24th Scientific Conference of The Microscopy Society Malaysia. Melaka, Malaysia, Dec/ 2015. - 2nd Place in Elective Report at the 13th Student Scientific Conference, School of Dental Sciences, Dec/ 2015 - First prize (oral presentation) in the 7th World Congress on Tissue Banking incorporating the 15th Biotherapeutics Association of Australasia Annual Scientific Meeting. Novotel  Melbourne, Australia, May/ 2014. - Second prize (poster presentation) in the 19th National Conference on Medical and Health Sciences. School of Dental Sciences, USM University, Kota Baharu, Malaysia, Sep/ 2014
Treating patients with difficult Endodontic cases failed to be managed outside university. - Mobile Dental Clinic. -“Endodontics: What’s new in rotary systems?”. One-day Endodontic workshop, College of Dental Medicine, University of Sharjah, (10th May 2018). - “A New Generation of Endodontics Rotary Instrumentation (XP-Shaper)”. Endodontic workshop in the “6th International Students’ Dental Conference”, College of Dental Medicine, University of Sharjah, (28th- 29th Jan, 2018). “The Stamp Technique for Direct Composite Restoration”. Operative workshop in the “6th International Students’ Dental Conference”, College of Dental Medicine, University of Sharjah, (28th- 29th Jan, 2018).
The healthy environment for teaching should include: mutual respect, trust, and passion. - Success in dental practice will never see the light without extensive knowledge and deep understanding of the theoretical sciences. - Mistakes, caused by lack of skills, are expected in the road to experience in dental practice. - Keep asking “why?” would make the trip harder but more fruitful as well
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