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Teaching Clinics

​Most of the UDHS area is dedicated to teaching clinics of the College of Dental Medicine where dental care is provided to patients by student doctors. The dental treatment follows a comprehensive diagnosis, which includes full medical history, mucosal examination, and radiological assessment. The treatments delivered are diverse and cover all aspects of the patient's restorative, prosthodontics, and surgical needs. Faculty members of the College of Dental Medicine coming from various specialties supervise the conduct of treatment at all times. Students work in pairs and are provided with all the necessary instruments and materials needed for them to complete treating their patients.
Patients found eligible to be treated by students in the Teaching Clinics will be put on the waiting list and later contacted to receive a pre-planned and approved dental treatment. During a typical dental procedure, each step is checked and approved by the attending faculty member. Strict policies and procedures for infection control and quality assurance are followed, and Patients' Rights and Responsibilities are appreciated in all clinics at all times.
UDHS strives to continuously improve the quality of care provided in the undergraduate clinics while enhancing the clinical educational experience for the students.