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Special Needs Clinic



The Special Needs Specialist Clinic provides routine dental care to patients who have certain impairments (see below), which require special care. The services are provided in the Dental Hospital by students, under close supervision of a Specialist.

Patients with advanced conditions are treated by the specialist under General Anesthesia, at the University Hospital Sharjah.


Patients with impairments, regardless of their age or gender are admitted if they have ..

      - physical impairments

      - mental / intellectual disability

      - vision / hearing impairments

      - genetic disorders (e.g. syndromes)

      - psychiatric conditions

      - obesity

      - dental phobias

      - infective disease (Hepatitis, HIV, …)

      - medical conditions affecting dental treatment (such as prolonged bleeding)

      - geriatric conditions (suffering from dementia, Alzheimer's disease, etc...)

      - very young patients (natal, neonatal ages)


Patients are admitted only after receiving initial dental screening at the Admission Clinic. Once admitted, the dental care will be discussed and evaluated with the specialist. Based on the general condition, the dental treatment will be initiated. If your condition requires further lab investigations or medical reports from your physician, a new appointment will be given.

Cost of treatment

Treatment is free for patients registered in the Hospital, unless the treatment has to be provided under general anesthesia, in which case personalized treatment cost will be estimated and advised to the patient.


Operating times

During term-time (September-June): Wednesday afternoon only.
The clinic is not operational on public holidays and during summer (July and August).


Contact details for follow-up appointments

Reception for the Special Needs Teaching Clinic - (08:30 am – 04:00 pm Sun-Thu)
Tel. 065057666