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General Practice Clinics

Undergraduate General Practice Clinics depend on providing a Comprehensive Dental Care (CDC) approach to patients. The clinical education of students where they learn to provide patient care in a manner similar to that of actual dental practice. Comprehensive dental care provides continuous education that is patient-focused, making students more patient-sensitive. UDHS aims to ensure that students are taught a holistic approach to dental care by designing treatment plans that include patients and encouraging them to take care of their health.

The Oral Medicine Consultancy Clinic offers treatment to patients with a wide diversity of oral diseases, including ulcers, white patches (Leukoplakia), lumps, salivary gland diseases, and oral infections. In addition, we provide treatment for Temporo-mandibular joint disorders, the pain of non-dental origin, such as burning mouth, and nerve pain. In some cases, patients might undergo a biopsy or a swab in order to reach a conclusive diagnosis of their oral disease.
The service is provided in the teaching clinic where you will be seen by a Consultant in Oral Medicine, assisted by a group of students learning from the case presented.
Patients can be either self-referred (come to the clinic on their own) or be referred by another medical or dental practitioner.
You need to register in person at UDHS and receive dental screening at the Urgent Care Clinic.
Patients registered in UDHS and seen in the Oral Medicine Teaching Clinic do not pay the consultancy fees, unless lab tests are required, in which cases the patient will cover lab charges.

Oral Surgery is an integral element of oral healthcare provision. In UDHS, the Oral Surgery Clinics have many sections, namely Undergraduate Students' Clinics, Postgraduate Clinics, Minor Oral Surgery Teaching Clinic, Dental Laser Clinic, Dental Implant Clinic, and TMJ Clinic. All these clinics are well equipped with the required devices, instruments, and materials and follow the international standard of infection control. Different types of treatment are offered in these clinics like dental infection, teeth extraction, removal of impacted teeth,  management of oral soft tissue tumors and bone lesions, replacement of missing teeth with dental implants, cosmetic procedures by dental laser, and management of jaw joint problems. All these procedures are done by undergraduate or postgraduate students under direct supervision from a well-trained specialist in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.

Pediatric Dentistry clinics in UDHS caters to the oral health need of infants, children, and adolescents by providing comprehensive oral health care. Oral health care services are provided to child patients by dental students under the supervision of a well-trained pediatric dental specialist. Though, infants and young children with limited cooperative ability requiring complete oral rehabilitation are treated under nitrous oxide sedation or general anesthesia by the specialist. Whereas children with special needs requiring dental treatment are managed in a well-equipped special needs treatment clinic by a qualified specialist. Our services also include orthodontic management to correct malalignment of teeth and improve esthetic and provide functional occlusion in children and adolescents requiring this treatment. UDHS is equipped with the most advanced equipment and materials required to deliver the highest level of oral health care for children. 

The People of Determination Clinic provides routine dental care to patients who have certain impairments (see below), which require special care. The services are provided in UDHS by students, under the close supervision of a Specialist.
Patients with advanced conditions are treated by the specialist under General Anesthesia, at the University Hospital Sharjah.
Patients with impairments, regardless of their age or gender are admitted if they have:
  • Physical impairments
  • Mental / intellectual disability
  • Vision/hearing impairments
  • Genetic disorders (e.g., syndromes)
  • Psychiatric conditions
  • Obesity
  • Dental phobias
  • Infective disease (Hepatitis, HIV, …)
  • Medical conditions affecting dental treatment (such as prolonged bleeding)
  • Geriatric conditions (suffering from dementia, Alzheimer's disease, etc...)
  • Very young patients (natal, neonatal ages)
Patients are admitted only after receiving initial dental screening at the Urgent Care Clinic. Once admitted, the dental care will be discussed and evaluated with the specialist. Based on the general condition, dental treatment will be initiated. If your condition requires further lab investigations or medical reports from your physician, a new appointment will be given.